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How to Eliminate Ants and Anthills with Coffee?

Pests and insects can be quite nagging, especially ants. Ants are quite problematic, especially when they invade your home or garden plants. Luckily, it’s possible to eliminate ants with coffee. While coffee grounds don’t kill ant colonies, they repel most ant species. In case ants pose a threat to you, your pets, and plants, then consider pouring hot coffee on anthills to kill ants.

coffee eliminate ants and antihills

Protecting Plants from Ants

If pests are gathering around certain garden plants, sprinkle coffee grounds to circle the affected plants. You can circle plant groupings or individual plants with coffee grounds. Essentially, ants use unique scent trails when moving from one place to another. Coffee grounds protect plants from ants by blocking their path. Also, coffee grounds interfere with the scent trail created by ants, thereby making them lose their trail. However, this method may not work in case the ants or anthills exist within the area you’ve circled with coffee grounds. You can also use this method to block any ant trails made towards your home. In this case, sprinkle coffee grounds in a way that they cross the ant path. Replace the coffee grounds daily for more effectiveness.

Getting Rid Of Anthills without Harming Ants

coffee eliminate antihills

Sprinkle coffee grounds to circle an anthill. Also, sprinkle them on top of the anthill. Bury the grounds while creating a ring. Ants dislike crossing through or over coffee grounds. Thus, they’re likely to abandon their anthill or attempt to create another entrance to the anthill. They may attempt to clear the grounds from their way. Thus, apply fresh coffee grounds after two days. They’ll eventually abandon the anthill.

Using Coffee to Kill Ants

Coffee grounds don’t kill ants. Also, lukewarm or cold coffee can’t kill ants. If you need to eliminate ants permanently, you should pour boiling coffee directly into the anthills or ant holes. Hot coffee kills ants once they come into contact with it. You may have to pour boiling coffee severally to eliminate an entire ant colony. Don’t pour boiling coffee on the lawn or plants as it can kill them.


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