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How to Repel Cats with Coffee?

If you appreciate having a neat garden but kids or pets are playing in the yard and destroying its neatness, then you can get quite annoyed. Although you can control kids from areas where you don’t want them, pets can be quite challenging to control, especially the ever-curious cats. The best solution is to repel cats from your garden or anywhere you don’t want them to access.

coffee repel cats

It can be dangerous to use chemical repellents as they may harm kids, water bodies, and pets. The safest method to repel cats is to use non-toxic repellents. One of the best repellents for keeping cats away from your lawn is using coffee grounds. Here’re how to go about it.

Items Needed

Using coffee to repel cats is a safe trick. You can safely use the homemade repellent in sandboxes placed in your backyard. Sprinkling the coffee repellent around the area where your cats love playing can keep them away. You can use plain coffee grounds as an outdoor repellent for cats, thereby preventing them from destroying plants or littering the yard. Besides, this method is effective and economic. Consequently, sprinkling coffee grounds in the garden will fertilize it further.

Step #1

Save the coffee grounds you use when brewing coffee instead of throwing them away. Cats dislike the sharp aroma of coffee. In case you make coffee regularly, store the used grounds. If not, collect some from your workplace or your neighbor and allow them to dry. Accumulate enough grounds that’ll cover the spaces you want to protect.

Step #2

Gather enough lemon or orange peels. Cats tend to stay away from the citrus smell. Save discarded lime, lemon, or orange rinds. Store the rinds in a sealable container or Ziploc bag to retain their smell and moisture until you’re ready to use them.

Step #3

Grate or chop the citrus and orange rinds. You can use a cheese grater or paring knife to grate or chop the rinds. Ensure all the rinds are reduced to very small pieces. No large pieces should be left behind. Grate them until they make a uniform consistency.

Step #4

Next, mix the grated orange rinds with topsoil and coffee grounds. Preferably, buy topsoil from your local gardening center as it may come with extra fertilizers. You can as well collect some soil from the garden. Mix the three elements evenly to form a uniform mixture.

Step #5

Apply the mixture around the areas that you want to keep your cats away, such as around certain plants that are prone to damage by cats. By so doing, you’ll protect your plants and garden.


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