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Do Coffee Grounds Attract Rats?

Coffee grounds are the byproducts of the coffee brewing process. While some people consider used coffee grounds as waste, some use these grounds in their gardens and for their compost. However, if you use coffee grounds for compost heaps, you might be worried that they’ll attract rats. Furthermore, rats target areas with trash and foods to eat. So, do coffee grounds attract rats? Read on for answers.

coffee grounds attract rats

Do Coffee Grounds Attract Rats?

No, coffee grounds don’t attract rats. Additionally, coffee grounds won’t repel rats. When coffee grounds are used in the compost they speed up the decomposing process. While coffee grounds in a compost don’t attract rats, adding things that rats like to your compost will attract rats. They include animal products, and foods such as bread, rice, and potatoes. Rats won’t eat coffee grounds in your compost, but they’ll eat the animal products and foods in your compost.


Reasons Why Coffee Grounds Won’t Repel Rats

As mentioned earlier, coffee grounds in your garden, home, or compost cannot repel rats. Here are some reasons why.

Coffee Grounds Don’t Bother Rats

Rats are not bothered by the smell of coffee grounds. While rats won’t eat the coffee grounds, they’ll eat other foods that they like in the compost or anywhere else. Therefore, you cannot use coffee grounds to repel rats.

Small Caffeine Content 

The amount of caffeine in coffee grounds isn’t enough to repel rats. Rats won’t be tempted to eat coffee grounds. However, rats will eat pretty everything. If rats eat coffee grounds, they may suffer from caffeine overdose and other health issues, but this doesn’t make coffee grounds a rat repellent.

No Stronger Chemical

Caffeine in coffee grounds creates a strong odor. However, coffee grounds lack a strong chemical that rats cannot tolerate. Caffeine doesn’t bother rats, so coffee grounds shouldn’t be used to repel rats.


Is Coffee Toxic to Rats?

Caffeine in coffee grounds may be toxic to rats if they consume them. Rats that eat coffee grounds may experience caffeine toxicity which could eventually lead to a heart attack. Therefore, keep your coffee grounds away from pet rats.


Do Rats Hate the Coffee Smell?

As mentioned earlier, the smell of coffee doesn’t bother rats. So, the smell of coffee grounds won’t attract rats to your home or compost. However, other tasty snacks in the compost and home will attract rats. Here are some smells that rats don’t like:

  • Black pepper

Rats hate the black pepper smell and they find it unpleasant. Therefore, you can sprinkle black pepper in areas where rats congregate to repel them. Black pepper smell is pleasant to humans in small amounts.

  • Peppermint

Rats are overwhelmed by the peppermint smell and will leave an area that’s scented with it. Furthermore, the scent is breathtaking to a rat and they feel breathless around it. Therefore, you can use peppermint to repel rats from your home.

  • Citronella

The citrus scent in your home will repel rats. This is because rats find the smell unpleasant and cannot tolerate it.

  • Cats

A cat’s smell will repel rats since cats kill rats. Rats will not feed or nest in areas where there’s a cat smell – even if the cat isn’t around.

  • Eucalyptus

Just like peppermint and citrus scents, eucalyptus’s strong odors will repel rats. Spray diluted eucalyptus oil in areas where rats may nest or congregate.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia smells like a cat’s urine and can therefore be used to repel rats from home. However, the smell can be unpleasant to humans too.

  • Garlic/pepper/onions

The smell of garlic, pepper, and onions is overwhelming and off-putting to rats. Therefore, you can use these smells to repel rats.


Do Coffee Grounds Repel Pests?

Yes. Coffee grounds will repel pests. Compounds in coffee grounds such as caffeine and diterpenes are highly toxic to pests and insects and can therefore be used to repel them. Coffee grounds will repel pests and insects such as bugs, mosquitoes, beetles, bees, ants, and wasps.



Coffee grounds neither attract rats nor repel them. Therefore, you can use coffee grounds in your compost or garden without worrying about inviting rodents to your home. However, materials such as eggshells, foods, and animal products in your compost will attract rats. Therefore, avoid using such materials for your compost. Additionally, you can use strong odors such as those peppermint, ammonia, eucalyptus, citrus, garlic, pepper, and onion to repel rats from your home. Furthermore, rats have a good and powerful sense of smell.


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