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How to Fight Mosquitoes with Coffee Grounds?

Stagnant water provides mosquitoes with a perfect breeding ground. If there’s stagnant water around your home, it’ll likely cause mosquitoes in your home. Stagnant water typically results from neglected birdbaths, children’s pools, tires, and wheelbarrows that accumulate rainwater. Also, water can puddle around garden plants as a result of irrigation.


fighting mosquitoes with coffee grounds


If you’re struggling with mosquitoes that seem to be breeding around your home, it’s possible to eliminate them with the help of coffee grounds. Basically, coffee grounds work by killing mosquito larvae. Coffee grounds also provide garden plants with beneficial nitrogen.

Here’s how to fight mosquitoes with coffee grounds:

Step 1

Gather coffee grounds and put them in a sealable jar. Give them 25 days or more to age. Aged coffee grounds are more potent at killing mosquito larvae than freshly obtained coffee grounds.

Step 2

Take the aged grounds and sprinkle them around garden trees and plants where water tends to accumulate. That way, mosquito larvae won’t thrive in stagnating water. Thus, mosquitoes won’t have anywhere to breed.

Step 3

Put some coffee grounds in vessels that hold stagnant water. The coffee grounds will kill any active larvae. Avoid putting coffee in water bodies where important animals thrive.



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