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Do Coffee Grounds Keep Moles Away?

Moles are destructive creatures that can uproot your plants, destroy your grass roots and cause your plants and grass to brown quickly. These creatures dig holes and create molehills in your lawn and yard trying to look for food such as insects and grubs.

coffee grounds repel moles

While these creatures don’t necessarily eat plants in your garden, they can do a great deal of damage to them if not controlled. When it comes to keeping moles away, there are some methods that you can implement. Some people will suggest the use of coffee grounds. But does this method work? Let’s find out.


Do Coffee Grounds Keep Moles Away?

Yes, coffee grounds can help keep moles away. This is because coffee grounds contain molecules that give off a strong odor that moles don’t like. As a result, moles won’t come near your garden or property. To use this method, simply sprinkle some fresh coffee grounds around your garden or property. Also, you can sprinkle used coffee grounds every day around your garden or property until there are no more moles. Repeat this process at least once after every two weeks to keep the moles from returning. What’s more, used coffee grounds in your garden can act as natural fertilizer, thus enriching your soil.

Equally important, coffee grounds are an inexpensive method of keeping moles away compared to commercial mole repellents. Therefore, there’s no reason to not try this method. You can also consider using a coffee-scented air freshener to keep moles away from your property.


How to Use Coffee Grounds to Keep Moles Away

To keep moles from your garden, you’ll need to sprinkle some fresh coffee grounds every few days until moles become accustomed to the new odor in your garden. It may take weeks or months for moles to get out of your garden and find other places for their tunnels. Additionally, you can create a liquid fence barrier by mixing fresh used coffee grounds with water, then pouring the mixture around the garden. The coffee grounds smell creates a barrier thus keeping moles away from your garden. You have to keep topping up more coffee grounds after a few days since the smell gets duller as coffee grounds lose their freshness.

Coffee grounds’ strong scent will deter moles despite whether the coffee grounds are brewed or non-brewed. For effective results, you can also lay some coffee grounds in the entrances of moles tunnels. By doing this, moles won’t come back to your garden until the coffee grounds dissolve into the soil. You’ll have to replenish the ground supply now and then to keep moles away for good.

Apart from keeping moles away, you can use coffee grounds to repel insects and pests such as bees, wasps, and bugs. What’s more, coffee grounds are a good natural fertilizer that’ll enrich your soil thus promoting plant growth. Therefore, using coffee grounds to repel moles, other than other commercial repellants, is more beneficial to even your soil and plants.


Alternative Ways to Keep Moles Away

Apart from the use of coffee grounds, there are other ways you can apply to effectively keep moles away from your garden or property. They include:

1. Use a Mole Trap 

There are varieties of mole traps that you can purchase at your garden stores that can help keep moles away. All you have to do is read the mole trap instructions carefully before setting it up, then place it correctly for effectiveness.

2. Use Poison

Using poison is another quick and easy way of keeping moles away. However, you need to be extremely careful and ensure that you read and follow the safety instructions. The poison will kill the moles and discourage them from coming to your garden.

3. Use Castor Oil

The use of castor oil will eliminate moles from your garden. Usually, castor oil upsets the digestive system of the moles thus keeping them away. A castor oil mole repellent is easy to make at home. You’ll need to mix three castor oil parts with four tablespoons of dish soap in a bowl, then add the mixture to a gallon of water. Add the castor oil solution to a sprayer then spray the mole tunnel entrances and molehills.

4. Remove Their Food Source

One of the reasons why moles are on your lawn or property is because they have some food sources. Therefore, you’ll need to eliminate their food source to permanently eliminate moles. Some of the mole’s food sources are grubs and insects. You can use insecticides and grub control to eliminate the mole’s food source thus making your garden, lawn, and property less inviting for rodents.

5. Use a Mole Repellant

Another easy way to keep moles away is to purchase a moles commercial repellant. There is a variety of them on the market. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you go through the instructions carefully and follow them as required for effective results.


Why Are Moles On Your Lawn or Property?

First and foremost, you need to understand why there are moles in your garden, lawn, or property before you can even think of keeping them away. Moles may not be dangerous to humans but they are destructive to your plants, grass, and property. When it comes to destroying your plants, moles do this by uprooting them. Also, moles love grass and they’ll destroy your grass roots and cause it to brown quickly. Not to mention, moles tunnels may cause structural damage to your homes as well as other properties.

Here are some common reasons why moles are on your property and their preferred solutions.

  • Your soil is loose and easy for moles to dig through – You can try fixing your loose soil by adding some mulch or tilling the ground
  • There are lots of insects or grubs that moles are feeding on – You can get rid of the insects by use of pesticides
  • There’s a water leak that’s attracting the moles – You can fix the water leak to keep moles away



Moles can be a nuisance to your garden. They’ll dig a mole tunnel and mounds, thus making it difficult to grow plants. Luckily, there are several methods you can use to keep them away. The first method that you should probably try is the use of coffee grounds. This is because they are natural, easy to use, cheap, as well as a positive impact on your garden. Furthermore, coffee grounds are highly effective. Additionally, you can use any of the alternative ways that we’ve discussed. If you still have trouble keeping moles away on your own, you can consult professionals for further courses of action.


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