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Do Coffee Grounds Repel Voles?

As a gardener, you are likely looking for possible ways to increase crop yields. Unfortunately, some pests such as moles, voles, rats, mice, and rabbits like nibbling on plants, vegetables, and shrubs. Most notably, voles are a major nuisance in many gardens. They are a type of rodents that are often confused with moles.

coffee grounds repel voles

Voles are dangerous for any garden in that they spread disease and damage plants. They are especially problematic in a vegetable garden because they feed on the roots. Young plants are more at risk of damage by voles.

Although there are many ways of keeping voles out of your garden, some use chemicals. In that case, what organic alternatives do you have? Coffee grounds are known to repel several garden pests. But do coffee grounds repel voles? Read on to find out.


How to Tell Whether Your Garden is Infested with Voles

Voles are a common type of rodent closely related to hamsters, mice, moles, and lemmings. There are numerous varieties of voles. In some places, they are known as meadow mice. They typically live close to streams and riverbanks. You can also find them in any moist soil. They eat numerous things like seeds, vegetation, earthworms, insects, and grubs.

If voles have invaded your yard or garden, you can tell their presence easily. They typically burrow underground to create tunnels. As a result, they leave mounds of soil behind. They are less likely to cause the kind of damage that moles or pocket gophers cause because their tunnels are not deep. However, their surface activity results in more extensive damage to plants than what burrowing can cause.

Essentially, voles cause damage to plants by tunneling underneath as they create shelter or by eating the plants. They can eat the bark of small branches on trees and shrubs.


Do Coffee Grounds Repel Voles Effectively?

Homeowners always try all manner of techniques to repel voles. There are numerous methods to try with varying results. Some methods involve the use of chemicals and dangerous baits. However, most gardeners prefer safer DIY techniques to keep voles away from their yards. One of the best alternatives is the use of coffee grounds.

You do not have to throw away used coffee grounds after brewing coffee. Spent grounds make a perfect DIY weapon to keep pests such as voles and moles out of your garden.

But what makes used ground coffee effective in repelling voles? It is all about the chemical composition and smell of spent coffee grounds. Ground coffee contains about 1.45 percent nitrogen. Also, it contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These chemicals contain strong smells that deter voles and other pests.

One of the many reasons why coffee enthusiasts love taking coffee is its intense aroma. The aroma is strong enough to help you wake up and get ready for the busy day ahead. While this strong aroma is great for coffee lovers, it is unbearable for voles.

Most notably, you may not sense the smell of the chemicals in coffee. However, voles have a stronger sense of smell than humans. Thus, they can easily notice the strong smell of coffee. They can sniff out food underground. That is why they burrow to find food that you cannot see underground. Thus, the pleasant aroma of coffee is overwhelming for voles.

When you pour coffee grounds into your garden, voles will try their best to avoid it. Although it is not harmful or lethal to voles, it repels them because they find it uncomfortable to stay near coffee.


How to Use Coffee Grounds to Repel Voles

Here is how to get rid of voles from your garden or lawn with the help of coffee grounds:

  • Sprinkling- Sprinkle some ground coffee between the plants on your garden or lawn. If there are any holes, leave some coffee grounds around them to prevent the voles from entering the holes.
  • Create a border- Use coffee grounds to make a border around your garden. As you brew coffee every other day, toss the grounds around the garden until it is fully bordered to repel voles.

Continue sprinkling coffee grounds and making borders every time you brew coffee. You can reduce the rate of spreading coffee grounds once you are sure there are no more signs of voles in your yard or garden. Besides, coffee grounds work as a fertilizer. Thus, it is beneficial for your garden, especially for acid-loving plants.



After brewing your morning cup of Joe, do not throw away the used coffee grounds. They can be useful in your garden, lawn, or yard, especially when you are struggling to get rid of voles without using harmful techniques. So do coffee grounds repel voles? Yes. Coffee grounds are a safe way to tell voles that you do not need them anywhere near your garden.


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