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Do Coffee Grounds Keep Deer Away?

Do you ever wake up in the morning to find out that your garden is in complete chaos condition? If yes, you know it is frustrating and who’s the culprit? It’s a cute little deer.

Deers have an exceptional sense of smell, and that is what they use to find food. However, there is no scientifically proven study that coffee grounds or the aura of coffee scares deer off. But some people do assume that deer believe humans are close by when they sense coffee in the air.

keeping deer away using coffee grounds

We know they are cute-looking creatures, but when they sneak into your property and destroy your plants and trees, you have to start thinking about solutions, right? So, do coffee grounds keep deer away?


Coffee Grounds and Deer

As we mentioned, there are no scientific studies showing any relation between coffee grounds and deer.

But that’s okay because some researchers do believe, and that’s their job.

The real and common reason we think that works against deer are that they tend to believe humans are close by when they smell coffee. It is a kind of deer’s defense mechanism.

Pre-used coffee grounds are much bitter in smell and are strong. Using pre-used coffee grounds from cold coffee won’t create a strong smell as compared to hot coffee.

So, throwing some coffee grounds in your backyard possibly won’t work against deer. But don’t worry, there are other methods which will help you to keep deer away.



Using Coffee Grounds to Repel Deers

So, we don’t have any solid proof as to why deer hate the smell of coffee, but for sure they try to stay away from it. So, if you want coffee to work, let’s try making the smell of coffee more smelly.

How to make coffee more smelly? Just store used coffee grounds in a sealed bag for about a week. Be sure not to overdo this, as it can develop mold in the coffee grounds, and plants in your backyard could get damaged because of this.

After a week, sprinkle these coffee grounds around (not over) your plants and trees. This will work as a smell barrier that will help you keep away the deer.

Now using coffee grounds that were used to create hot coffee will work better because they are more acidic. Therefore, these coffee grounds will have a much more acidic and bitter smell when you sprinkle them over your garden or backyard.

Now the scent of coffee won’t last for more than a couple of days, so it is better if you keep replacing the grounds every now and then.

The easiest and non-hard-working way of making your coffee smelly is by using it after you brew the coffee. Just toss the grounds from your coffee filter, they smell really bitter and will work the same.


Will Coffee Ground Work For a Long Time?

Try to observe how the coffee grounds are working against deer, if they seem to be working, then congrats you have a long-term repellent for deer.

Before we start discussing other points, let us get clear that coffee grounds are not the best option when it comes to the long term, due to habituation.

In simple words, habituation means that once the deer realizes that the smell of coffee doesn’t stand as a treat, they will not be afraid of it anymore.

For example, if you move to a place near an airport, the first few weeks or maybe months will be frustrating because of all that noise. But once you get used to it, you won’t feel a thing.

The same will happen with deer, they will get used to the smell and won’t run away.


Coffee Grounds Effect on Other Insects and Animals

Your coffee grounds are naturally accepted pesticide which helps you keep away snail, slugs, and ants away.

Coffee grounds also protect your backyard from insects and other pests. So, the smell is not the only factor, but also because of the rough surface that coffee grounds produce, this bothers the insects and keeps them away.

Just like deer, coffee grounds won’t work forever. There are some limitations. Below is the list of insects and animals which are haters of coffee grounds.

Some animals from this list just hate food that smells or tastes bitter, and as we discussed; pre-used coffee is the bitterest thing you can find.

And some animals like ants, slugs, and snails don’t like coffee grounds because of their rogue texture. Still, you don’t have to always repel these insects as they can help your garden to stay protected.


Improve Soil Composition

Oregon State University says, “Coffee grounds have nearly 2% nitrogen which helps the soil to maintain its pH levels and makes it fertile.”

If you are thinking, that acids could harm your ground then worry no more. The acid in the coffee ground is water-soluble. What this means is your coffee grounds do have acids in them but the acid won’t remain in the soil for long.

With the addition of coffee grounds to the soil, you are enhancing the ability of the soil to hold water, this is good for your plants and trees.

Also, coffee ground’s organic matters help to stimulate root progress which improves the soil around it. If this happens, the plants and trees get more than enough micronutrients.


Some Other Methods to Keep Deers Away

Coffee grounds might be good for a short period, but they won’t work for long, and also, we don’t have any scientific proof they are supposed to be used as a deer repellent.

Some methods are practical, and some are tactical, but sticking to any of these could lead you to a backyard free from deer.


Deer Resistant Plants

Interestingly, there are some types of plants that deer hate and you can use these plants in your garden or backyard to keep deer at bay. To make this work putting these repellent plants around your yard like a fence works the best.

Here are some deer-resistant plants –

  • Snapdragon
  • Boxwood
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Juniper
  • Lamb’s Ear
  • Lily Of the Valley

Keep in mind that these are deer-resistant plants, and deer could get used to these too. But mostly these plants or trees are avoided by the deer so this could be the best way for you.


Use Motion Sensor Lights

If you don’t want to use any plants or coffee grounds to get rid of deer, then in that situation you can get a little modern and digital. You can install a motion sensor light.

This not only works on deer but also humans and other animals who might try to enter your property without permission.

You can find many products which are out there at great prices. These motion sensors will make sure to look out for your backyard, letting you sleep peacefully.


Other Alternatives for Deer Repellent

If you don’t have much time but still can’t afford to lose crops and plants every now and then. Here are some more tips on how to keep deer away.


Use Other Food to Lure – Keeping food away from your crops will attract the deer to the food. This is good if you want to feed something to deer while protecting your property.


Using a Fence – Now this way could reduce the look and beauty of your backyard or garden, but it works like a charm.


Getting a Dog – Get a dog that can stay outside in your backyard at night. They will not only protect against deer but also other threats. Also, dogs can become your good friend for years.



Now after knowing everything, it is on you whether you want to use coffee grounds or not. But it is for sure using coffee grounds while having other backups is much better.

The more tactics you prepare the best, keeping deer away from your property is not an easy task so don’t take it for granted.


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