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Do Coffee Grounds Attract Pests?

Nothing can be as frustrating as enjoying quality time on your lawn, only to be interrupted by pesky pests. Whether you are holding an outdoor party in your garden, making barbeque, enjoying the sunshine, watching the sunset, or simply reading a book outdoors, the last thing you would want is interference by pests.

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Dealing with pesky pests is never fun. If your outdoor space is infested with pests, you will want to try any deterrent method out there. For some people, they would not mind trying bizarre methods to deter pests. In fact, many homeowners and gardeners result to using coffee grounds to keep pests away. But do coffee grounds attract pests rather than keep them away? Read on to find out the truth.


Coffee Grounds and Pests

If you are concerned that coffee grounds will attract pests to your garden, you do not need to worry. The truth is that coffee grounds repel pests when used correctly. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the use of coffee grounds as an effective and efficient method of keeping pests away from the garden. Coffee grounds are environmentally-friendly, unlike chemical repellants. Also, they are affordable as you will be recycling used coffee grounds. Besides, they are readily available.


How Do Coffee Grounds Repel Pests?

Coffee has a very strong smell. Humans, especially coffee lovers, are fond of the strong coffee aroma. However, insects and pests hate the smell of coffee. As heightened sniffers, they do not like going anywhere near the smell of coffee. Thus, they prefer staying away from any source of a smell they consider disturbing, such as coffee smell. Coffee grounds repel a wide range of pests including bees, slugs, ants, wasps, snails, mosquitoes, and fleas among others.


Which are the Best Coffee Grounds to Use?

The kind of grounds to use will depend on the type of coffee you love most. You can use any type of coffee grounds. Do not just buy a certain type of coffee for recycling as a pest repellent. Whether you prefer light roasts or dark roasts, all kinds of coffee grounds can repel pests.


Should You Burn Coffee Grounds To Repel Pests?

If you have been searching for ways to keep pests out of your garden, you have likely come across suggestions on burning coffee grounds. Although it is not yet a scientifically proven technique, many outdoor lovers and gardeners argue that smoking is effective in repelling pests. Since pests dislike the smell of coffee, they will stay away from an area emitting coffee smoke.

If you wish to try this method, here is how you will burn coffee grounds to repel pests:

Step 1- Rather than burning fresh coffee grounds, try dried but used coffee grounds. Since used grounds come out wet from your coffee maker, you will need to dry them first before burning them. To do this, pour out the used grounds onto a frying pan or an aluminum foil plate. Set them in a cool, dry area. Allow them to dry completely.

Step 2- Place the grounds on a flat surface or in a bowl in the garden. Preferably, choose an upwind spot for better results as it will help the smoke move across a wider area. Ensure it is not a spot where kids and pets frequent.

Step 3- Next, burn the grounds. To do this, pour a few drops of any lighter fluid on the dry coffee grounds. Do not soak them with the lighter fluid since your aim is to burn them slowly. You can add fresh bay leaves over the grounds for a stronger repellent smell. You can also smolder the grounds. To do this, cover the bowl with a damp towel and let the grounds do their magic to keep pests at bay.


Applying Coffee Grounds on Plants

You can also apply used coffee grounds directly on plants to keep pests away, especially mosquitos. To do this, you can collect and store leftover grounds in a jar for about three weeks. Aged grounds are more effective at killing larvae than fresh grounds. You can sprinkle the grounds around trees and garden plants where water pools. That way, you will keep mosquito larvae at bay.

If there are spots around your yard with stagnant water, add ground coffee to the standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water. Three tablespoons of grounds per cup of stagnant water are sufficient.



So do coffee grounds attract pests? No, they don’t. They actually repel pests. If you love brewing coffee at home, take advantage of the used coffee grounds to keep pests away from your garden and outdoor space. Also, if you don’t like brewing coffee at home or you don’t like coffee at all, you can still grab some waste coffee grounds for free from nearby coffee houses or roasters. They will be happy when you help them recycle their used coffee grounds. Besides, it is a natural way of keeping pests away without harming the environment.


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