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Why Does My Cat Try To Bury My Coffee?

The delicious and peaceful smell of coffee is the best part of the coffee experience, especially for coffee addicts who can’t go through the day without their cup of joe. Additionally, the coffee smell lures customers to go inside a coffee shop and sip some brews. But do our cats love the delicious coffee smell as much as we do? Additionally, why do cats bury coffee? Read on for more insight.

Cats are famous for being attention-seeking creatures. There are so many things they do that humans cannot explain and understand. Some things may seem funny while others seem strange. So it becomes difficult to determine whether they are only seeking attention or if something is wrong with them. Among their weird behaviors is burying coffee. This behavior is similar to cats trying to bury their waste which is more common and nothing to raise concerns. Let’s look at why cats bury coffee.


white cup with a cat


Why Do Cats Bury Coffee?

Usually, cats have a more sensitive and powerful nose compared to human beings. So they perceive different odors that either catch their interest or put them off. Cats like some odors such as those from some perfumes, catnip, spices, some cleaning agents such as bleach, and some plants.

The reason why cats bury coffee is that they hate the smell. Usually, cats will bury foods that they find offensive to try and hide the source of the smell that’s bothering them. So, if your cat is burying coffee, they clearly hate the smell. Cats will continue to scratch the floor or ground trying to bury the smell until the coffee smell is no longer around them. This explains why cats bury their poop. It is to prevent the poop smell from spreading.

On the contrary, not all cats hate coffee. Just like humans love and hate some smells, cats do that too. So, sometimes cats will bury coffee to store them. This is a way of the cat showing love for coffee. However, most cats hate the smell of coffee, so you’ll find that only a few cats love coffee.


Are Coffee Grounds Toxic to Cats?

Coffee grounds and coffee are toxic substances for your cat to consume. This is because they contain high amounts of caffeine that can poison their bodies, which may turn out fatal for your cat. Caffeine contains a chemical substance known as methylxanthine. The cat’s body cannot digest this chemical so the cat may experience discomfort and caffeine toxicity symptoms. Excess caffeine consumption by a cat can even lead to death. Equally important, decaf coffee is also toxic to cats since there are still some amounts of caffeine present. Some of the side effects a cat will experience after ingesting coffee include:

Therefore, it is important to keep coffee grounds and any type of coffee away from your cat. Additionally, tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks should be kept far away from a cat. If your cat accidentally eats coffee grounds or ingests caffeine from coffee, here’s what you should do.


What Do You Do When Your Cat Licks Coffee?

Out of curiosity, you’ll find your cat trying to lick and smell your coffee or coffee grounds. Most cats hate the smell and taste of the coffee grounds. However, you’ll find that a few of them are attracted to the coffee aroma and they like to lick your coffee or some coffee grounds. Furthermore, cats are peculiar creatures and they’ll dip their head in your coffee mug trying to find out what you’re drinking.

As a cat owner, it is important to know what’s good and bad for your cat. As mentioned earlier, coffee grounds and coffee are toxic substances for your cat to consume since they contain excess caffeine that isn’t good for them. While a lick or two may seem okay, more licks could lead to caffeine toxicity, which is not good for your pet. Therefore, if you realize that your cat likes the coffee smell and starts to lick your coffee or coffee grounds, ensure you keep these substances far away from the cat.

Additionally, if you suspect your cat has ingested caffeine in any form, talk to your vet. This applies to even small amounts of caffeine. The symptoms of toxicity begin within 30 minutes of caffeine consumption and they’ll last up to 12 hours. Also, you need to have an idea of how much coffee grounds or coffee the cat has ingested for easier diagnosis by the vet. A vet may induce vomiting for the cat to get rid of the caffeine or use activated charcoal that will absorb the caffeine.


Can You Use Coffee Grounds to Repel Cats?

Most cats hate the smell of coffee grounds. However, this isn’t enough reason to use coffee grounds to repel cats. First, these grounds are harmful to your cat in case they ingest them. Secondly, not all cats hate the coffee grounds smell. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, your cat may have adapted to the smell, so the coffee grounds may not be a threat to it. Generally, don’t use coffee grounds to repel your cats.



The reason why your cat tries to bury coffee or coffee grounds is that they don’t like the concentrated smell. So, if you see your cat doing this, no need to panic. The reason why cats hate the coffee grounds smell is still uncertain. However, keep your coffee grounds, coffee, and other substances that contain caffeine far away from your cat. These substances are toxic to your cat and could even lead to death.