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How to Get Rid Of Coffee Stains From the Pages of a Book?

It feels very relaxing to settle down while reading a book and taking some hot coffee. Unfortunately, some coffee can spill on your book and stain the pages with brown, sticky spots. If this happens, act extremely fast to get rid of the coffee stains before they spread further.

book coffee stains

You can also remove old stains from your book and restore its condition. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1

Add white vinegar (¾ cup) and water (¼ cup) into a bowl. Ensure the bowl you’re using is large and wide enough to dip the stained spots of the book in the vinegar and water mixture.

Step 2

Allow the stained spot to soak in the mixture until the page is saturated. However, don’t soak it for an extended period since the liquid may wick and spread on the page further than needed.

Step 3

Carefully remove the page from the bowl. Lay the book on a paper towel. Next, take paper towels, preferably white, and blot the wet spots on either side of the page. To do this, place some paper towels underneath and others over the page. Then press them together. Continue blotting the stained spots with new paper towels till there’s no more moisture being transferred to the towels. Doing so will soak up much of the liquid solution.

Step 4

Mix bleach (a third of a cup) and water (two-thirds of a cup) in a bowl. The mixture will get rid of any remnant coffee stains. Take a clean, soft toothbrush and dip it in the mixture. Use it to scrub the stained spots. Scrub the spots lightly to avoid damaging the page. Blot the page with paper towels until much of the moisture is soaked up.

Step 5

Take a wax paper and lay it between the cleaned pages. Use an iron box to iron the cleaned pages. Set the iron box on medium or low heat. Ironing the pages will dry and smoothen them.


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