How to Make Strong Coffee?

If you are a strong coffee lover, here is a treat made special for you. How to make your strong coffee at home without having to visit any coffee house. Have you tried making strong coffee at home without any success? This article will offer a guide on how to successfully make your strong coffee at home.

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What does the term strong coffee mean to you? Is it the high caffeine or the flavor in it? The answer is important to determine the method you will use to make your strong coffee. Let’s now delve into the process of making strong coffee at your home.

Factors to Put into Consideration for Strong Coffee

  1. Choice of Beans

Under the choice of beans, you’ll need to consider the type of beans and the freshness of the beans. Let’s begin with the type of beans. There are two main types of coffee beans which are the Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is highly concentrated with caffeine and has a bitter taste compared to Arabica. Arabica on the other hand is the most expensive coffee bean, highly flavored and less bitter. If the strength of your coffee is determined by the caffeine concentration, then Robusta is the way to go while if yours is determined by flavor, Arabica is the key. Due to the bitter taste in Robusta, you can choose to mix both coffees to cater for flavor and caffeine at the same time.

Let’s now talk about the freshness of beans. Here there is no need for any bargain. Fresh beans make the best coffee and will determine your cup of coffee flavor.

  1. Roast Level

The roast level of the beans helps determine the flavor of your coffee. For strong coffee and flavor, dark roasted beans will do the trick. For those who prefer caffeine, light roast beans have more caffeine. You can also choose to roast your green beans for the desired roast. Roasting your beans is an advantage as you’ll ensure they are fresh and you get the roast that you need. Examples of dark roast coffee are the espresso, French roast, and Columbian among many others.

  1. Brewing Method

There are many brewing methods you can use to make a strong cup of coffee. Examples are the use of espresso maker, French press, drip method, pour-over method among others. For strong coffee, the best method is using the espresso maker which is designed for the brewing job.

  1. Grind Size

The grind size is determined by the brewing method being used. All you have to ensure is you grind enough for your use for freshness purposes. When grinding, ensure the beans are of the same size and shape for brewing purpose. For an espresso maker, grind fine coffee beans. For the French press, the size is medium, and for the drip coffee maker, the size should be course.

  1. Coffee to Water Ratio

To make strong coffee increase the coffee to water ratio. The estimated ratio is 1:18. In case this does not work for you consider increasing the coffee grounds until you find your strong coffee. Increasing the coffee alters with the ratio making the coffee stronger.

You have chosen the right beans, the right roast, the right brewing method, and grind. How do you make your strong coffee? Continue reading.

  1. Water Temperature

Brewing coffee using hot water will help you extract flavors fast. Most methods use the 195F-205F water temperature to brew coffee. Any temperature above 205F will lose flavor.

  1. Length of Time

The brewing length of time is determined by the coffee brewing method that you are using. For some methods, lengthening leads to strong coffee while to other methods lengthening of the time will lead to bitter coffee. This article discusses some brewing methods and the length of time to use.

  1. Water Quality

The quality of water is key to fresh coffee. Use fresh filtered water if you can.

Examples of Strong Coffee Drinks

Here are some examples of strong coffees that are all made from espresso.

  1. Espresso- It is full-flavored coffee and served in shots.
  2. Latte- It contains two-third of espresso and is added a third of steamed milk that forms foam.
  3. Americano- It contains a third of espresso that is diluted in two-third hot water.
  4. Cappuccino- It is a type of latte. It can be made using a third of espresso, a third of milk, a third of milk foam and can have cinnamon or cocoa powder sprinkled on top.
  5. Macchiato- It contains two shots of espresso and has foam on top.
  6. Mocha- It contains two-fifth of chocolate espresso and has a fifth of steamed milk and foam.

Steps to Making Strong Coffee

  1. Espresso Stove Top

Many people have mistaken espresso to be bitter and caffeine concentrated. Well-made espresso is sweet, creamy, and with a pleasant bitterness. Here is how to make strong coffee using an espresso Moka pot.

  • Preheat your water by warming it.
  • Add finely grounded Arabica dark roasted coffee to the pot.
  • Add your warm water to the pot.
  • Put the stove on medium heat.
  • Slight hissing means that steam is being forced up.
  • Wait for the coffee to brew and serve it.
  • Add more coffee if the brew is not strong enough for you.


  1. French Press
  • Boil 8 cups of water for a minute. Temperature is important in the process.
  • Preheat your French press for 30 seconds by adding hot water to keep it warm throughout the brewing process.
  • Pour out the water.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of medium coarsely ground coffee to the carafe.
  • Add 8 ounces of cooled water to the carafe and stir with a wooden spoon.
  • Close the French press lid and wait for four minutes for the coffee to brew completely.
  • Once the four minutes are over, and the coffee is ready to drink, serve it.
  • Add more coffee grounds if the coffee is not strong enough.
  • Remove any coffee remaining in the French press to avoid bitterness.


  1. Drip Coffee Maker
  • Choose coffee beans depending on your type of roast preference. For strong coffee, choose dark roasted Arabica coffee that is coarsely ground.
  • Add 12 ounces of fresh filtered water to the reservoir.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of coffee to the filter and close the machine rid.
  • Turn the coffee machine on and wait for five minutes for coffee to brew.
  • Serve a strong cup of coffee.
  • Add more coffee if the coffee is not strong enough for you.
  • 200F is the perfect temperature for a drip coffee maker.

Drip coffee contains more caffeine because it takes a longer time for it to brew compared to other brewing methods.

  1. Pour Over
  • Add coarsely 2 tablespoons of ground Arabica coffee to a filter.
  • Add 8 ounces of hot water to the filter in a circular motion to cover the ground coffee.
  • Allow the coffee to drip to the carafe.
  • After it has completely dripped, remove the filter.
  • Serve the coffee.
  • If not strong enough, add more coffee.
  1. Without particular Brewing equipment
  • Boil hot water.
  • Add two tablespoons of dark roasted ground Arabica coffee to a coffee mug.
  • Add 8 ounces of water to the mug.
  • Leave the coffee for four minutes.
  • Use a strainer to transfer the coffee to another mug.
  • Serve your coffee to your preference.

The best way to enjoy your strong coffee is by buying an expresso machine but before then, try any of the above methods and you can still enjoy a strong cup of coffee. Use of espresso machine is fast as it only takes 20 to 30 seconds and you have your strong cup of coffee ready.

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