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Coffee and Alcohol: Does it Sober You Up?

You got quite carried away with the drinks. You are willing to try out anything to feel a bit sober. You desperately want to reach out for a hot cup of coffee. Will coffee sober you up? Could you be doing more harm than good? Let us find out.

coffee and alcohol

Alcohol in Your Body

Alcohol is a drug that even though it may stimulate you, is a depressant. This does not mean it causes the mental condition known as depression. This means that it slows down your body from its normal processes. It slows down breathing, blood flow, and cognitive senses. Too much alcohol inhibits your body from making good judgment and coordination. The liver has to metabolize alcohol in your body by each hour. The more you add your drinks the more time it will take for them to be excreted.


Coffee and Alcohol in Your Body

Many people suggest that coffee helps to sober you up. However, coffee does not speed up the process of alcohol metabolism in your body. Coffee may make you feel less tired or more alert because of its stimulant properties. However, the levels of alcohol in your blood still remain the same.

The effect that coffee has on your body may prove even more dangerous. Feeling less tired can trick you into taking more alcohol and become more impaired. It may also deceive you into thinking you are good to get behind the wheels.

Remember your reaction time is slowed while drunk whether you take coffee or not. This also increases the risk of suffering drunk-related damages like; falls, fights, fatal accidents, and severe health problems.


What Helps to Sober Up

  • Time and Rest.

This depends on how much you had in drinks. The liver processes alcohol by the hour. Approximately one glass of wine or one bottle of beer each hour. So if you intend to sober up quickly, drink less alcohol or just let the time pass.

Resting also helps the body to recover. It improves the ability of the liver to process and clear alcohol out of the system.


  • Water

Alcohol even in moderation causes dehydration and body function impairment. Water slows this effect down. Also, water gives the liver time to process alcohol since drinking alcohol time will be spaced out. It is recommended to drink one glass of water for every bottle of beer.


  • Eat

Eating helps to settle the stomach. It is best to have a full stomach before you take any alcohol. This prevents hyperacidity and nausea. It also gives you energy and slows down the rate at which alcohol rises in the blood.  Eating helps more blood to flow to the liver hence aiding in metabolizing and clearing alcohol.



Coffee is a stimulant while alcohol is a depressant. Coffee will mask the effects of alcohol in your body by making you feel more alert and energetic. This may increase the risk of overdrinking and making poor decisions. It will not increase the rate at which alcohol clears from your body.

You need time and rest to sober up depending on how much alcohol you consumed. Drinking lots of water during and after drinking alcohol is very important. Eating also helps to process the alcohol faster in your body.


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