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How to Make French Press Coffee?

The French press coffee maker features several variations. Its design concept was patented in 1929 by an Italian known as Attilo Calimani. Although its name might make you assume it was first designed in France, it was actually designed and patented in Italy. Its design is straightforward. A standard French press comprises a plunger system and a carafe.

Making french press coffee.

It’s a simple to use and affordable coffee maker. You can easily use it to prepare a quick cup of coffee in the morning. It’s perfect for making full-bodied coffee with darker roasts.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to brew coffee with a French press, including the best ratios, timing, and steps to follow.

Required Supplies

  • Spoon
  • French press (a size that can brew 2 cups)
  • 31 g of coarse coffee grounds (an equivalent of 6 tablespoons)
  • Hot water, (2¼ cups at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or just off its boiling point)

Step #1- Preparation

Heat some water and use it to preheat the French press. It’ll also help to preheat the plunger. Warming the carafe allows for the extraction of more coffee flavors when brewing.

As the French press warms up, in approximately 30 seconds, grind enough coffee beans. You should use a burr grinder for this purpose. Grind the beans to a coarseness that resembles sea salt. Once 30 seconds elapse, empty the carafe as it should be warm enough by now.

Step #2- Put coffee grounds into the carafe

At this point, put freshly ground coffee into the carafe. Shake the carafe gently to ensure that the grounds get leveled evenly. It’s recommended to use darker roasts for the best-tasting French press coffee.

Step #3- Pour hot water over the grounds

Heat water to a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a thermometer, allow the water to boil and set it away from the heat for about 30 seconds to gain the ideal temperature. Pour the hot water over the grounds. Ensure all the grounds are submerged in water. Continue adding water until the carafe is half full.

Step #4- Allow it to bloom

Start the timer. Wait for about 30 seconds to allow for blooming. As blooming takes place, the grounds release gases such as carbon dioxide, thereby allowing for enhanced extraction upon adding more water.

Once blooming is complete, the amount of the brew will increase. It’ll also become bubbly.

Stir the brew gently with a spoon, preferably a wooden one, until the crust breaks.

Step 5- Pour more water into the carafe

Pour more hot water into the carafe until full. Place the lid in place. Lower the plunger a little until the mesh touches the water. Don’t push it further down yet.

For the best result, add coffee and water in the ratio of 1:15 respectively.

Step #6- Brewing

Start the timer. Allow for 4 minutes for enough brewing. There’ll be maximum extraction of coffee flavors within 4 minutes.

Step #7- Plunging

Push down the plunger slowly and gently. Don’t apply excessive force. Forcing the plunger down quickly with excessive force will agitate the grounds and add bitter coffee flavors to the brew.

Pour the brew into a coffee mug or storage container immediately you finish plunging. Avoid leaving the brew in the carafe as it can over-extract and make your brew bitter.

You can now enjoy taking a tasty French press brew. With little practice, you’ll master the required skills to make perfect French press coffee.


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