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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

Cold brew is a smooth and sweet coffee drink. It’s something you can make at home with a French press. Making it at home is very enjoyable. After all, you’ll spend less money to make cold brew at home than buying it from a coffee shop.

french press cold brew

The good thing about a French press is that it makes bold and tasty coffee. Also, it’s effortless to use it. Besides, it makes cold brew concentrates that can be refrigerated for later use.

Cold brew coffee is smoother and sweeter than regular coffees. That’s why it’s popular among many coffee lovers. It doesn’t have any bitterness and has a low acidity level. You can make extra cold brew and store it in the refrigerator and enjoy taking iced coffee whenever you crave it. In this article, we’ve prepared a simple recipe that will guarantee you a tasty cup of cold brew.

How to Prepare Cold Brew Coffee with Your French Press

Step 1– Put 6 oz coarse grounds in an 8-cup French press. Add 32 oz cold water. Next, stir the contents to wet all the coffee grounds.

Step 2– Cover the French press with a cheesecloth. Allow the contents to rest for about 12 hours.

Step 3– Insert the plunger. Press it down gently.

Step 4– Next, pour the brew into a sealable glass container or pitcher and refrigerate it.

Making Iced Coffee

To make iced coffee, put ice in a glass until half full. Add 4 oz or ½ cup of coffee concentrate. Next, add ½ cup cool milk. Stir the contents to blend them. Add enough sugar to taste.

To make Vietnamese iced coffee, put ice in a glass until half full. Add ½ cup of coffee concentrate. Next, add 2 tablespoons of condensed milk (sweetened option). Splash in some half and half. Next, stir the contents and sweeten according to your taste preference.

The concentrate can also be served hot. In this case, mix hot water and the coffee concentrate in equal parts. With this ratio, you’ll make 4 cups of coffee concentrate or 8 servings, which is perfect for serving several people.

Coffee and Water Ratio for Different French Presses

Here’re the measurements needed for making coffee with a French press:

  • 17 oz French press: 16 oz (2 cups) cool water & 3 oz coarse ground coffee
  • 50 oz French press: 48 oz (6 cups) cool water & 9 oz coarse ground coffee

Which French Press Makes the Best Cold Brew?

It’s possible to make tasty cold brew in any preferred French press. However, a glass French press is the best option. A big French press is great for making cold brew for storage. For instance, a 50 oz French press can brew 6 full cups of coffee concentrate, which gives 12 iced coffee servings.

Although cold brew is addictive, it’s pocket-friendly. It’s more affordable than buying cold brew from a coffee shop.

If you want the best tasting cold brew, use medium to dark roasted coffee beans. Also, freshly ground beans will give you a tastier cold brew than pre-ground beans.


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