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How to Darken Dark Roast Coffee

If you can recall the first time you took coffee, probably its taste didn’t come from specialty grade single-origin coffee beans. Probably, the taste notes and smell were just “coffee”. Regardless, coffee might be the only thing that motivates you to get out of your comfortable bed every morning.

darken dark roast

Maybe you recall how your drip coffee-making machine smells when making coffee every morning and you get the desire to wake up. When making drip coffee, every drop of the roast you bought from a local grocery store gets darker throughout the brewing process to give you black coffee. While it might taste a little bitter, it’s a perfect cup of black coffee.

If dark coffee sounds like the perfect coffee drink for you, then you’re a coffee lover who likes your coffee very strong and bold. If you brew coffee using a light to medium roast, the brew won’t taste how you like it. Even when you brew coffee with dark roasts but it tastes like light roast, you’ll feel disappointed that it’s not as dark as you like it.

If you love inky coffee, don’t worry about your coffee tasting light again. There’s a solution to this. The solution is all about making your dark coffee darker. You can start darkening your coffee with a simple recipe and make alterations progressively until you make the best-tasting coffee. Here’re some tips to guide you.

Tip #1- Try adjusting your water to coffee ratio

Any coffee lover seeking to brew stronger coffee should add more coffee to the normal amount of water used when brewing. Try adding extra scoops of coffee every time you brew coffee until you get it right depending on how strong you want the brew. Once you get it right, stick to that ratio.

  1. Tip #2- Adjust the brew time or grind size

If you grind beans at home, you can brew stronger coffee by using a finer grind. A finer grind will allow for the extraction of more flavors when brewing. For instance, if you brew coffee with a standard French press, replace a coarse grind with a medium grind for a stronger brew.

In case you prefer using pre-ground beans, try to increase the brew time. Doing so allows the grounds to remain in contact with water for a longer period, thereby extracting more flavors for a stronger brew. Longer brewing time has a similar effect as using a finer grind.

Tip #3- Try a new coffee brewing method

Essentially, different brewing methods often result in different coffee strengths. You can try brewing methods that produce bolder and stronger coffee. For instance, using a French press is a great brewing method for a stronger and bolder brew. Ensure you add enough ground coffee until the French press is full on the bottom. That way, the strainer will meet the grounds without leaving any space when plunging, thereby allowing for maximum extraction. Besides, this method reduces the chances of producing bitter brews.

Pour over coffee brewing method is another great method for brewing strong coffee. With this method, you’ll have more control over the brew. It requires a medium to fine grind for the best results. You can grind whole beans or buy pre-ground beans for this method.

The Aeropress method is also great for making strong coffee. There’re many recipes available for the Aeropress method. You can try different Aeropress recipes until you find the tastiest and darkest one. The Aeropress is a great alternative for espresso.

Tip #4- Brew with hotter water

Brewing with hotter water allows for increased extraction. Probably, it’s what you’re missing to get a perfect strong brew. Try brewing with hot water at a temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you try hotter water than this temperature, you might make bitter coffee. If bitter coffee is your favorite, then you can brew with hotter water.

Want Already Dark Coffee?

If you don’t have the time to try out darker coffee recipes with the aforementioned tips, you can still enjoy drinking darker brews by using extra dark coffee roasts. With darker roasts, you’ll simply make darker coffee just the way you make regular brews.


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