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Types of Coffee Roasts

You may be wondering whether dark roast coffee contains less caffeine than light roast. Also, you may be wondering about the differences between various coffee roasts. In this guide, you’ll learn more about different roast levels, including their flavors.

different types of roasted coffee beans

Levels of Coffee Roast

Roast levels vary depending on various factors such as bean color, roast temperature, and roast time. For coffee enthusiasts who prefer roasting their own coffee beans or those working in coffee shops and other coffee industry sectors, it’s important to know terms like city roast, light roast, and cinnamon roast.

Roast levels are grouped into three main levels including light, medium, and dark roasts. By learning more about these roast levels, you’ll understand their differences and the kind of taste to expect from them.

Essentially, each roast offers a different taste. For instance, brewing coffee with light roast produces light-bodied coffee with citrus and floral notes, more acidity, and a relatively short aftertaste. On the other hand, coffee brewed with dark roast produces strong coffee with nutty and chocolate notes and a relatively long aftertaste.


Differences between Coffee Roasts

  1. Light Roast

Light roast produces acidic, crisp, and bright coffee brews. Although it doesn’t add a lot of sweetness, it has citrus and fruity notes and single origin characteristics. It leaves behind a relatively sharp aftertaste. Its notes include melon, green tea, honey, lemon, lime, grapes, vanilla, and peach.

If you prefer taking strong black coffee, light roasts may not be your best option. Light roasts lack the deepness and body that makes the brews relatively weak. However, light roast is made by roasting beans for a short time such that the beans keep their flavor notes and origin characteristics.

Consequently, some coffee shops dealing with specialty coffee offer light roasts. If you happen to see the words such as breakfast or morning blend in your local coffee shop, it’s likely brewed with light roast beans. Also, flavored coffee is mostly brewed with light roasts.

  1. Medium Roast

Medium roast is a blend of fruity and floral notes, with a caramel chocolate flavor. Medium roast comprises notes such as chocolate, blackberry, toasted nuts, maple, plum, caramel, and cherry. Although medium roast has some acidity, it’s balanced. Also, it has deepness and complexity.

Medium roast maintains origin characteristics. It’s sweet, creamy, and fruity. In fact, it’s the most popularly brewed roast in most coffee houses.

  1. Dark Roast

Coffee enthusiasts who like dark roast prefer it for its deepness and strength. It’s full-bodied with a lasting aftertaste. Its taste is quite complex. It leaves the mouth with a smoky, bold, and deep feeling.

Rather than fruity notes, it features deep earthy, ashy, and woody tones. Its tones include pepper, brown sugar, almond, cocoa, and dark chocolate. Also, it’s rarely acidic.

If you’re a fan of light roast, dark roast might be too bitter or strong for you. If you prefer drinking black strong coffee, then consider dark roast. Besides, it’s great for making iced coffees and coffee recipes containing milk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does light roast contain more caffeine?

Although some people argue that light roast has more caffeine due to its short roasting time, this view isn’t entirely true. Caffeine remains very stable when roasting coffee beans.

Besides, the caffeine content of coffee beans is similar regardless of the type of roast used, be it dark or light roast. However, darker roast is not as dense as light roast, making dark roast have more caffeine in terms of volume.

Regardless, these differences wouldn’t be noticeable by drinking coffee. You can only notice them by doing lab tests.


Does dark roast make stronger coffee?

Yes. Coffee brewed with dark roast beans is stronger than that brewed with a light roast. Also, it has a longer aftertaste and it’s full-bodied.


What does Blonde roast refer to?

Blonde roast was popularized by Starbucks, which is one of the most popular chains of coffeehouses. Blonde roast refers to light roast, with all the key characteristics of regular white roast. Simply put, Blonde roast is a classic form of light roast.


What does the term French roast mean?

French roast refers to a dark brown roast, which is almost black in color. It’s made by roasting coffee beans for a longer time at a higher temperature than a regular dark roast. French roast has an intense flavor with a smoky-sweet taste. Also, it’s thin-bodied.


Final Words

Now that you understand more about different roast levels, you’ll be more informed when buying a cup of coffee. The type of roast will tell you how the coffee will taste like. That way, you’ll only spend your hard-earned money on coffee roasts you’re likely to enjoy as you know their flavors.