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What is The Strongest Coffee Bean?

Coffee beans are an essential part of brewing coffee. Not only because we need them to make coffee but also because they give coffee beverages distinct flavors and aromas.

People who habitually drink coffee from various coffee-producing regions or brands will attest that they taste different. Some have higher caffeine content than others.

strongest coffee bean

Although some people concentrate on coffee’s flavor and aroma, others require beverages with the highest caffeine content. That can only be extracted from certain coffee beans.

These are referred to by some people as the strongest coffee beans. The term strong coffee beans can refer to a type of coffee bean or roast and the amount of caffeine it can produce in a serving/ cup of coffee.


The Amount of Caffeine in the Strongest Coffee Bean

There are 4 well -known varieties of coffee beans. These are Excelsa, Liberica, Arabica, and Robusta.

The most popular and highly consumed coffee beans are the Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Arabica coffee beans account for 60 percent of the coffee produced in the world. They are also used to prepare most of the beverages served in cafes. You’ll find that they dominate the shelves in places that sell coffee, such as coffee shop roasteries, groceries, or supermarkets.

Despite their popularity, Arabica coffee beans only contain 85 – 100 mg of caffeine in a serving. That’s about 1.9 mg of caffeine in a coffee bean, which is quite a small amount.

Any caffeine addict who takes a cup of coffee made using Arabica coffee beans will feel like they have not taken enough caffeine. That will force them to take cup after cup of coffee to meet their caffeine needs.

The best type of coffee bean for such people is Robusta coffee. Although these beans contain less flavor than Arabica coffee, they contain about 200 – 265 mg of caffeine in a serving. That translates to 2.9 mg of caffeine per coffee bean.

Robusta coffee beans are considered the strongest coffee beans in the world due to their caffeine content. They are grown in Indonesia, Africa, India, and Brazil.

Some coffee producers blend Robusta coffee with Arabica coffee to combine the flavor of Arabica with the caffeine content of Robusta. These are popular coffee brands like Lavazza coffee, which comprises 60% Arabica coffee and 40% Robusta coffee beans.


What Determines the Strength of Coffee Beans?

Although Arabica coffee beans have better flavor than Robusta coffee, the latter is preferred by people who like a lot of caffeine. These coffee beans are usually used to brew Espresso coffee.

But is their caffeine content strong enough to satisfy the needs of caffeine addicts? No, Other factors contribute to the strength of coffee beans. One most important factor is the flavor or taste of the coffee produced using these beans.

The flavor of coffee is determined by the roast, grind, and method of coffee making used to brew coffee. Strongly caffeinated coffee is characterized by Robust flavors and thick textures. Such coffee is often referred to as mud coffee.

Some examples of coffee brands that produce highly – caffeinated coffees are;

    1. Death Wish Coffee

Death wish coffee is considered the strongest coffee in the world. It contains about 728 mg of caffeine in each serving.

That comes from the blend of Robusta, and Arabica coffee beans from Peru and India used to produce it.

This combination of beans gives Death Wish coffee a unique flavor and caffeine content. It is characterized by cherry and chocolatey flavor notes that give it a smooth, addictive taste.

Despite its high caffeine content, you may be surprised to know that Death Wish coffee has attained Fair Trade Coffee and USDA Organic Certified coffee.

It’s one of the most popular strong coffee brands available online.

    2. Bio-Hazard Coffee

Bio-Hazard coffee is another strong coffee in the world that contains an extreme amount of caffeine. You can get 928 mg of caffeine in a serving of Bio-Hazard coffee which is 5 times more than what you get in a regular serving of coffee. It is made using lightly roasted Robusta coffee beans.

The creators of Biohazard Coffee recommend it for people who work up to 18 – hours a day. It promises a jolt of sustained energy to get you through any difficult day.

You are assured of more caffeine than you get from most energy drinks and caffeinated hot beverages when you take a cup of Bio-Hazard coffee.

    3. Devil Mountain Coffee

Devil Mountain coffee is probably the strongest coffee in the world. It contains 1,555 mg of caffeine per serving. That’s about six times more caffeine than you get in a regular serving of coffee.

Some examples of Devil Mountain coffees available for purchase are Diablo’s Brew Medium Roast and Inferno Bold. These coffee names show you the potency of Devil Mountain coffee.

Although it contains more than three times the FDA-approved caffeine content, Devil Mountain coffee has attained USDA certification and is made using Fair Trade Organic coffee beans.

You can buy Devil Mountain coffee in the form of whole roast coffee beans, grounds, or K- Cups online.

    4. Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee is made using Colombian Excelso Arabica coffee beans. It contains double the recommended level of caffeine and is characterized by a bold smoky flavor.

A former Green Beret developed this coffee to mirror military-style coffee.You can buy Black Rifle Coffee by subscribing to the company’s online coffee subscription services.

Black Rifle’s most popular coffee is a medium roast available in single-serve coffee pods. The company also blends Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans to make smooth-tasting lightly roasted Java.

    5. Black Insomnia Coffee

Black Insomnia coffee is a highly – caffeinated brand of coffee that contains 1105 mg of caffeine per serving. Compare that to Starbucks dark roast, which contains 6 grams of caffeine per serving, and you can see it packs quite a punch.

As the name suggests, Black Insomnia coffee may trigger insomnia in anyone with caffeine sensitivity issues. Anyone taking it must be aware of its potential to cause health issues.

It’s good to note that the producers of Black Insomnia coffee don’t compromise on taste. The producers of this coffee have created a smooth blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that is processed through Barrel roasting.

You can expect unique aroma, flavor, and caffeine content from a cup of Black Insomnia coffee. It’s characterised by delicious notes of hazelnut, chocolate, and caramel.


How to Brew Coffee Using The Strongest Coffee Beans

drip coffee

Although coffee brewing seems like a straightforward process, you can use certain techniques to get the best-tasting coffee from any type of coffee bean.

It starts with the type of coffee-making machine you use. You need a drip coffee maker or a french press to extract the most flavor and caffeine from coffee beans.

A drip coffee maker will extract a richly flavored and caffeinated brew because you can use it to brew coffee for longer than you would when using a French Press.

While it takes about 6 minutes to brew a strong cup of drip coffee, you only need 5 minutes when using a french press. That extra minute can give you a very potent brew which is why drip coffee makers are used by most caffeine addicts.

You may also use the cold brew coffee making method to get highly – caffeinated coffee from coffee beans. It involves soaking coffee beans for about 24 hours, which gives coffee beans or grounds enough time to release their flavor and caffeine.

Even if you are interested in getting the most caffeine from coffee beans, it’s vital to consider flavor. That makes a burr grinder a must-have product for anyone who appreciates coffee.

You should grind coffee beans right before preparing coffee to get the best aroma and flavor from them. That’s the only way to get the best brew from the strongest coffee beans.


Is The Strongest Coffee Bean For Everyone?

While strong coffee beans provide caffeine addicts with a powerful kick, taking too much caffeine is not healthy. The recommended caffeine limit per day, as advised by the FDA, is 400 mg of caffeine.

But people have different tolerance levels to caffeine which is why we should all watch our caffeine intake.

Some of the signs of excess caffeine consumption are;

  •  Heart Palpitations
  •  Frequent Urination
  •  Excessive drying of the skin
  •  Upset stomach/ diarrhea
  •  Insomnia
  •  Fatigue
  •  Lack of concentration

If you take a cup of coffee made using strong coffee beans or coffee grounds and experience these symptoms, you should stop drinking coffee immediately.

Some effective solutions for caffeine sensitivity are;

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Taking electrolyte-rich fluids such as orange juice
  • Going to sleep early to reset your circadian rhythm
  • Eating a healthy meal to soothe your stomach.
  • Consider caffeine’s half life and avoid taking too much coffee at a go.



That’s some information on the strongest coffee bean. If you’ve been looking for coffee beans that can make a brew with the highest caffeine content possible, these are the ones to try.

You may also be interested in trying the five coffee brands we’ve highlighted here that can give you the highest caffeine content in a serving of coffee. Most of them are only available online due to their potency.

Remember to watch out for problems caused by taking too much caffeine such as caffeine addiction as you enjoy strongly caffeinated beverages.


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