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How to Make Strong Coffee With a Drip Coffee Maker?

Have you ever wondered how to make a great cup with a drip coffee maker? Whether intense or mild or any other preference you desire. While the drip coffee maker isn’t the fastest method to brew your coffee, it is reliable. You can hope to consistently make a nice cup of coffee to begin your morning or enjoy the night. Read on to learn how to make strong coffee with a drip coffee maker.

drip coffee maker strong coffee

What is a Drip Coffee Brew?

Drip coffee brew is a method of coffee brewing involving pouring hot water over roasted coffee grounds, allowing brewing as it’s enclosed in a filter. Several approaches to brewing this sort of coffee include using a filter, a french press, and a percolator. The terms used for the coffee result connote the technique used.

Drip brewed coffee, for instance, implies a drip coffee maker is used. Other terms include pour-over coffee, filtered coffee, immersion brewed coffee and simply coffee. As hot water seeps through the coffee grounds, there’s extraction and absorption of the constituent chemical compounds passing through the filter. The resulting coffee is collected in a carafe, pot, mug or cup while the coffee grounds remain in the filter brew basket.


What is a Drip Coffee Maker?

While you probably already know what a drip coffee maker is, there might still be some interesting facts about this machine. The drip coffee maker was invented to automate the brewing process to make what is commonly known as “pour-over coffee”. This coffee type is made by carefully, painstakingly, and slowly pouring water over coffee grounds with precision. This method is usually time-consuming and requires a lot of patience.

But since the onset of the drip coffee maker era, things have become bearable regarding this method. There is no need to be hands-on with this machine as it already has a heatable water storage compartment from where it releases a careful flow of hot water over the coffee grounds already placed on the brew filter basket. Finally, the brewed coffee drips slowly into the glass collection chamber or carafe.

Things you’ll Need to Make a Strong Drip Coffee

Next are the things you’ll require before being able to make drip coffee, especially at home. You’ll need the following.

  • An Auto-Drip coffee maker machine
  • Paper Filters
  • Water
  • Your mug or cup, and
  • 1.5 Tablespoons of your preferred roasted coffee grounds for every cup of water. Feel free to adjust this quantity to fit your preference, all while keeping the golden ratio in mind. The Golden Ratio suggests one or two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water.

How to Brew a Strong Drip Coffee

If you aim to brew a strong cup of coffee, you’ll need to increase the number of coffee grounds to water ratio. This means while the water quantity is left untouched, add more coffee grounds till you reach satisfaction. Start with a 1:18 water to coffee ratio and slowly increase until you find what suits you best. Preparing a strong coffee doesn’t mean it’s bitter; it just means a rich and enjoyable coffee. Next is the procedure you need to make your drip coffee.

  • Use Coffee Grounds of Medium-Grind

It would be best if you started with getting an excellent medium-grind coffee. Try out your favourite brands or a list of the best coffee brands. A tip to keep in mind for a wholesome taste is that the closer the time you grind your coffee beans to the moment you brew it, the fresher the taste. Don’t stay too long in-between grinding and brewing.

  • Filter the Water 

You want to use filtered water, so you’re only using the best possible quality of water for your coffee brew. Lesser-quality water will influence the taste of your coffee.

  • Patience and Wait

Avoid setting up your coffee prematurely. Wait until you want to have a cup before you prepare. Setting the coffee grounds and water overnight will wear down the flavour. For the best flavour, brew the coffee right when you want it.

  • Reduce the Heat

When you’re done brewing, turn down the heat. The ideal water temperature is between 90 to 96 degree Celsius. The longer your coffee is heated, the more the taste depreciates.

  • Clean the Drip Coffee Maker Machine

This statement can’t be stressed enough. While you’re not expected to clean the machine every day or week, at least once a month is good enough. The coffee maker could have leftovers from the previous brew, contributing to the next brew’s taste. You wouldn’t get a wholesome taste if your cup had conflicting flavours. To clean the pot, brew in it one part vinegar, and two parts water. This is a homemade cleaning cocktail. Finally, brew a whole pot of hot water to round it up.



While using a drip coffee maker might be slow, it beats the pour-over coffee method. You can complete the procedure in about ten minutes and have your cup of joe ready. Remember to consider the Golden Ratio when tweaking the coffee-to-water ratio to make a strong coffee. After preparing your cup, feel free to add any additives or toppings. Cream, milk, sugar, vanilla syrup or even some coffee cakes or doughnuts to enjoy your rich and strong coffee. Hopefully, this article has informed you how to make strong coffee using a drip coffee maker.


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