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Who Makes Savarin Coffee?

Savarin coffee is an old name in the coffee Industry. Many have either never heard of it or have a long time ago. Savarin coffee is an old brand of coffee that’s been long gone. If you’re interested in knowing more about the brand of coffee, read on to get informed.

savarin coffee

About Savarin Coffee

Savarin coffee is an instant coffee brand owned by S.A. Schonbrunn & co. This brand existed back in the 20th century and is said to have been active for eighty-two years. A man named El exigente, known as “the demanding one”, was the face of savarin coffee for a long time. He was responsible for picking the best coffee beans for making savarin coffee. On March 23, 1981, he made his debut in New York City as a T.V. spokesman for Savarin instant coffee.

According to the New York Times, Savarin was an eighty-two years old coffee brand only known in the New York market up until 1973. The reason is that Savarin coffee never advertised instant coffee by itself before except for some times when it was announced with the coffee ground variety. As a result, the instant coffee variant, the third-best seller coffee brand, was pushed back into fourth place.

In 1973, the incumbent president, George M. Brunner, stated that the company’s yearly advertising budget was 3.5 million dollars in the late 1960s. The budget was cut to about one million dollars to make it possible to sell savarin coffee to consumers at a lower price. This tactic worked for the coffee ground variety as it maintained the second position it has always been.


Sourcing Savarin Coffee

El exigente, “the demanding one”, was a coffee connoisseur responsible for sourcing the best coffee beans for the brand. He demanded “character” in the coffee brand. Unfortunately, there aren’t many leads regarding where the coffee beans were sourced.


Coffee Variants

There are two savarin coffee variants most talked about. The instant coffee and the Savarin coffee grounds. While the Savarin coffee brand is antiquated and gone, if you wish to purchase the vintage savarin coffee brand to observe or keep as a souvenir, there are antique savarin coffee cans for sale on eBay.



Savarin coffee had its coffee beans sourced by El exigente, a man who was probably referred to as a legend. Some adults still recall him and the adverts for savarin coffee for which he was a public face. While it’s unfounded and without proof, there’s a possibility the coffee brand was incredible during its time. The coffee ground and instant coffee variants held the second and third-best seller positions for some time. Hopefully, this article will inform you better about savarin coffee.



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