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What Brand of Coffee Is the Strongest?

Many people around the world rely on coffee to start their morning. Although some people drink coffee just because they enjoy it, others depend on it for a quick caffeine kick to keep them energized and alert throughout the day. For instance, some students use caffeine to stay up and study for exams, workers to do their jobs, and night owls to stay up all night.

strongest coffee brand

Although all types of coffee contain caffeine, the amount differs. An average cup of coffee contains about 80 to 100 milligrams of caffeine. However, some coffee brands offer coffee with many times the average caffeine content. So what brand of coffee is the strongest? Here are some of the coffee brands that offer the strongest coffee.

     1. Devil Mountain’s Black Label Coffee

Black Label Coffee from Devil Mountain is the strongest coffee in the world in terms of caffeine content. It has the highest caffeine content. Each serving of this coffee contains at least 1,500mg of caffeine. The coffee is USDA-certified organic, fair trade, and non-GMO. The coffee claims it can give you sustainable energy levels without giving you jitters. Also, the company claims it is drinkable with a bitter-free and smooth flavor.

     2. Very Strong Coffee

Just like its name suggests, Very Strong Coffee is one of the strongest coffee brands. A 12-ounce serving of this coffee will give you 1,350mg of caffeine. You need high caffeine tolerance to drink such coffee. Its flavor is intense and rich. The brand cautions users to enjoy the coffee responsibly. The coffee is made of 100% Robusta beans, which offer more caffeine content than Arabica beans.

     3. High-Voltage Coffee

High-Voltage Coffee is made to be so strong that it can “shock” you. The coffee offers 1,150mg of caffeine for a 12-ounce serving. The coffee is made with sustainably sourced coffee beans. High-Voltage Coffee comprises perfectly dark roasted beans. The brand claims its coffee offers a rich, smooth, and full-bodied flavor. It is a perfect choice for caffeine addicts.

     4. Black Insomnia Coffee

Just like its name suggests, this coffee is so strong that it can make you stay up all night. If you are a night owl who relies on coffee to stay awake, this coffee is a great choice for you. Each serving contains at least 1,000mg of caffeine.

Black Insomnia Coffee offers notes of dark chocolate and the aromas of hazelnut, macadamia, and hazelnut. The brand combines a finely tuned coffee roasting process and a rare blend of coffee beans to achieve a high caffeine content.

     5. Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard Coffee is yet another strong coffee brand. The brand’s name and logo are fear-inducing. It features dark-roasted Robusta beans. The coffee is mildly bitter with a friendly flavor and notes of tobacco, popcorn, chocolate, and nuts. A 12-ounce serving of this coffee delivers 928mg of caffeine. Whether you want a strong cup of coffee to get rid of the afternoon energy slump or stay up late working or studying for exams, Biohazard Coffee is a great choice.

     6. Death Wish Coffee Co.

The name of this brand combined with the crossbones and a skull on its label can strike fear in you. The brand claims its coffee can awaken the inner rebel in you. It offers at least 700mg of caffeine per serving. The coffee is organic and fair trade despite having a rebellious branding. Moreover, it offers notes of cherry and chocolate and does not leave a bitter aftertaste.

     7. Red Goat Coffee

A 12-ounce serving of Red Goat Coffee is packed with 702mg of caffeine, which is about 6 times the amount of caffeine you can get in regular coffee. The coffee is smooth and not bitter. It is available as pre-ground coffee, whole beans, Keurig pods, and Nespresso pods.

     8. Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee is yet another strong coffee with scary branding. The skull label on the coffee bag and the name strike fear. The brand claims that the coffee is strong enough to wake the dead. A 12-ounce serving of Killer Coffee delivers 645mg of caffeine. The coffee comprises 100% Arabica beans. Although it is a dark roast, the coffee is free of bitterness, smooth, and rich with notes of caramel.



What brand of coffee is the strongest? As you can see, there are several very strong coffee brands. The strongest of them all is Black Label Coffee from Devil Mountain, with 1,500mg of caffeine per serving. If you are highly sensitive to caffeine, avoid these coffees. However, if you are a caffeine fanatic looking for a coffee brand with more caffeine than standard coffees, these brands are worth a try.