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How Much is an Irish Coffee at Buena Vista?

Buena vista is a popular Californian cafe located in San Francisco. Tourists visit the café to enjoy a cup of joe and breakfast, among other things on the menu. Regarding coffee, the café is well known for its fantastic Irish coffee brew. Read on to know the price of an Irish coffee at Buena Vista and other details.

Irish coffee cost

About Buena Vista

First, a little bit of history about Buena Vista: the café began business in 1916 when they first opened. Then, the first floor of a boarding house was reconstructed into a saloon. Today, the café is well renowned for introducing Irish coffee to the United States in 1952.

Historically, Irish coffee was invented in Ireland and conceived by a chef named Joe Sheridan. Later on, the coffee became famous in America thanks to the writer and journalist Stan Delaplane, who enjoyed a cup during his travels through Ireland in 1951. At this time, coffee was trendy in Ireland. Stan returned home to tell his friend and then owner of Buena vista cafe, Jack Koeppler, stories of his travels and the delicious Irish drink.

On the 10th of November 1952, Jack Koeppler convinced Stanton Delaplane to assist him with a project. The recreation of a highly praised Irish coffee served at the time at an airport in Ireland called Shannon airport. After experimenting with coffee brews, Irish whiskey and milk cream over time, they successfully came about their version of the Irish coffee. This coffee is the same served at Buena vista today.


How Much is the Irish Coffee?

A serving of Irish coffee at Buena vista goes for ten dollars. This is more than a regular cup of coffee going between three to four dollars. Buena Vista exclusively uses a type of whiskey in making its coffee. The Tullamore D.E.W Irish whiskey averages about thirty-seven to thirty-nine dollars a bottle.

How to Make Irish Coffee at Home

make Irish coffee

To make Buena vistas’ Irish coffee at home, you’ll need some things first.

Things you’ll need.

  1. Coffee Maker.
  2. Heatproof mug or heat-resistant sturdy glassware.
  3. Electric Milk Frother
  4. sugar cubes.
  5. Peerless whole bean, organic Italian roast ( about four to six ounces of coffee brew is needed).
  6. Tullamore dew Irish whiskey can be ordered and delivered to you.
  7. Whipped cream.


  • Brew a fresh pot of organic Italian roast coffee and have it ready.
  • Fill the mug with about eight ounces of hot water, stir for a while, and then pour out the water. The mug or heat-resistant glass cup aims to feel warm to the touch.
  • Place two cubes of sugar at the bottom of the glass, then fill three-quarters of the cup with hot coffee.
  • Stir to dissolve the sugar cubes
  • Add 11/3 ounces of Tullamore dew Irish whiskey.
  • Slowly pour the thick whipped cream over the back of the spoon into the glass or mug until complete.
  • Your homemade Buena vista Irish coffee is served.

Since 1952, there have been millions of sales of Buena vista’s signature Irish coffee. Customers pour in on busy days, locals and tourists, with over two thousand sales of glasses of coffee.

A fun fact to note is that when you get a takeout Irish coffee, you’re also served a miniature bottle of the exclusive Irish whiskey, Tullamore dew. Remember to pop open the whiskey and pour it into your coffee before enjoying it on the go.



Visiting the Buena Vista cafe is a popular thing tourists do when they visit San Francisco. Coffee lovers love to take a shot at the famous Irish coffee. However, there have been reviews with some customers claiming the coffee is all it’s suitable for and others claiming the food is mediocre and not worth the price tag. Hopefully, this article has informed you about Buena Vista’s signature Irish coffee. Give it a shot when you next visit California.


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