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How to Drink Hot Coffee Without Burning Yourself?

There is nothing that beats a cup of coffee in the morning. It gives you that energy you need to start your day. You want it not too hot to burn you and not too cold to eliminate the sweet flavor.

woman drinking hot coffee.

You are just done brewing it and excited to take a sip. Sadly, it is too hot for you. At this moment, you are willing to do anything to start enjoying your cup of coffee. You are so lucky today. Here is a list of things you can do to do to start enjoying your hot coffee.

Cool the Coffee

This is the simplest thing to do to start enjoying your coffee. How do you go about this? There are a few tricks with me on how to cool your hot coffee. They include:

  • Stir the Coffee

Use a metal spoon to stir the coffee in a circular motion for about 45 seconds. The metal spoon will absorb the heat allowing the coffee to cool faster. You also can dip a spoon for 45 seconds in your hot coffee to absorb the heat. Make sure to use a metal spoon. Any other type of spoon will not serve the purpose. To avoid any burns, stir the coffee while placing it on a surface.

  • Open the Lid

If you just bought coffee in your local coffeehouse and it comes with a lid, you can open the cup lid to give it room to cool. Removing the lid will help get rid of piled-up moisture in your coffee cup. Give it a few minutes to cool then put the lid back. A maximum of 5 minutes is enough to do this. Only do this while sitting. We don’t want you to spill the coffee on yourself while walking.

  • Add Cream or Milk

If you are a lover of creamy coffee, you can add cold cream to your coffee to cool it. Add 1-3 teaspoons of cold cream to your coffee depending on your preference. The temperature will decrease. You can also add cold milk to the coffee to cool it.

  • Use an Ice Cube

Add an ice cube to your hot coffee to lower its temperature. This is your option if you love your coffee black. However, the water added will affect the coffee by diluting it and reducing concentration. This can dilute your coffee concentration making it tasteless. Especially if you’re a strong coffee lover. If you prefer this method, make your coffee stronger then add the ice cube.

  • Give It Time to Cool

This is the simplest option, but it only applies if you’re not in a hurry to head to work. Leave the coffee to rest for about 5 minutes depending on how cool you want it for the temperature to lower by itself.

  • Blow It

I know you’ve tried this method at a certain point. It is a method commonly used by many of us. Blow the coffee at its surface, and take a sip. Repeat this procedure until the coffee has cooled to your preference. Blow for about 8 seconds before sipping the coffee. For some, they sip the coffee, get burnt then start blowing. It is advisable to first blow, then sip to make sure the temperature is right and avoid burning yourself.

  • Use Another Cup

Have you ever tried taking another empty cup and pouring the coffee into it in a back and forth motion? This will cool your coffee by letting go of the steam.

  • Refrigerate Milk, Sugar, and Cream

You can refrigerate milk, cream, and sugar then when making your morning coffee add them. This will make your coffee cool and tasty. This also helps save time.

  • Turn on a Fan

You can use a fan or air conditioner to cool the coffee. Place the coffee near the fan for a few minutes to cool then drink it.

  • Refrigerate the Coffee

Placing the cup of coffee in the fridge will help cool it. This is a fast method compared to using a fan or air conditioner.

  • Schedule your Coffee Maker

You can schedule your coffee maker to make the coffee before your waking up. This will give the coffee time to cool.


Precautions to Take to Avoid Getting Burnt

  1. Use fabric cup sleeves to hold your paper coffee cup or ceramic coffee mug to prevent burning your hands.
  2. When walking holding hot coffee, do it slowly to prevent spilling the coffee on yourself.
  3. Do not carry your hot coffee without a lid or using a ceramic mug especially when walking or driving. The coffee may spill.
  4. When traveling, use an insulated mug to carry your hot coffee.
  5. You can opt for iced coffee instead of hot to prevent burning yourself.

You now have so many alternatives to choose from. You can now enjoy your cup of coffee at any time of the day.


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