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Coffee Tips

How to Keep Coffee Hot?

Okay, let’s get clear, you prepared yourself a sizzling hot mug of hot coffee and got busy with your morning routines like making breakfast, taking your dog out, getting a shower, or answering your e-mails.

man holding a cup of hot coffee.

But when you sit relaxed with all the morning chores complete, you take a sip from that coffee, only to taste a lukewarm non-refreshing coffee.

Of course, you can re-heat it but, it would lose all the flavors you crave. Microwaving will give the beverage a bitter taste which ultimately makes you throw the drink into the drain.

Lucky for you, we have plenty of tips up our sleeves that will help your coffee stay hot and refreshing till you complete your morning circus. Remember these tips can not only help your coffee remain hot but also other drinks like tea, hot chocolate, or soups.


Using a Thermal Mug

Forget everything about all that hassle. Using a vacuum-insulated double-walled mug will work like a charm and keep your coffee hot the whole day. If you sip on your brew while walking to work, make sure to get a mug with a good seal. So, it doesn’t spill and fits in your car cup holder. But if you drink your coffee at home, make it in the kitchen and finish it in the workroom. Then buy a mug with a comfortable grip and a lid that slips easily.


Pre-Heat the Thermos

A good quality thermos will keep your drink at a hot temperature for a while, but pre-heating the mug before filling in your coffee, will extend the duration for an even longer time. The method is really easy to do, pour boiling hot water into your thermos, keep it for at least 5-10 minutes and tightly close the lid. Later pour out the water and fill the mug with hot coffee and enjoy a delicious hot coffee the whole day.


Wrap it in a Koozie

A sweet and simple way to maintain the temperature of your coffee is to use a koozie, also known as cosy. Now, this method will need a little investment in purchasing an insulated fabric cover for your French press, mug, or flask. You will find thousands of beautiful designs to choose from, with different sizes like venti or tall. Some might contain neoprene slings in them. This will easily keep your brew hot for hours.


Cup Warmer for The Car

Were you ever stuck in traffic with a cold and bitter-tasting coffee? If yes, you know how unbearable it can be. Get one of those cup warmers which can be powered by your car to solve this problem at once. Especially in the winter season. Most of these cup warmers have default take-out cup fit or tumbler’s length. Some cup warmers will have a spill-resistant lid and won’t slip over easily. Now keep your coffee hot and your car free from coffee stains.


Use Mini Hot Plate or a Candle Warmer

Mini hot plate is an invention meant to keep your drinks hot for a long time are unbelievably easy to use. Only plug in the device, press the button, and put your mug/cup on top. These plates come in different temperature settings because they(manufacturers) know some people prefer medium hot and others boiling hot. If you are worrying it will eat up half your desk then worry no more, they are small and easy to travel with. Don’t want to spend money? Use one of the candles warmer for this job, they work just fine until you don’t forget to use a mug which is not made of plastic or something that can get melt.


Immersion Holder

Immersion holders are cheap (less than 10 bucks) and an effective product to rectify your coffee situation. They are super simple to use, place the wand into your mug/cup and plug into electricity. In moments your drink will reach the desired temperature.


Smart Digital Mug

You can also call it a smart mug, they will keep your brew at optimal temperature, no matter how long you want. Getting one of these will change your morning experience of drinking coffee forever. Some cups are operatable by mobile apps and lets you control the temperature (with proper degree control options) while having a long battery life which will ensure you have a hot coffee as long as you want. The mug will turn off itself once you have finished your drink. Now it’s true that it is more expensive than any other product on this list, but it is the best option if you want effective results.


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