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What is Peaberry Coffee?

Curious about what peaberry coffee is? Does the name sound familiar? Have you ever come across the name while checking through a coffeehouse or an online shop?

If yes, how was the price compared to other coffee? Well, this article will explore the peaberry coffee world and answer some of the questions asked.

peaberry coffee.

Peaberry coffee is a type of coffee bean that is known as Caracolillo in Spanish. Caracolillo means little snail. This type of bean develops as a result of single seed development. Usually, a bean without defects has two seeds.

In peaberry development, one seed fails to grow, and this creates extra space where a larger and round seed develops which is the peaberry. During post-harvest, peaberry Is sorted by either separation using a sieve or using a machine depending on its weight and size.

The process of sorting, separating, roasting process, and packaging requires extra labor, and processing hence the high price. Their scarcity also contributes to their high prices.

Peaberry occurs naturally and is present in Robusta and Arabica varieties of coffee. The estimated production in a harvest is usually between 5-10%. The bean grows worldwide. Some of the regions it grows in are Brazil, Hawaii’s growing regions, Kenya, Kona, Tanzania, and Kauai. These regions have the required equipment to separate the beans from the others.

Now let’s have a look at what makes the coffee special.

People have different opinions concerning the beans. However, to some, peaberry is considered unique. Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Peaberry is a natural mutant and grows without sharing nutrients with other beans.
  2. They are smaller, denser, and cute coffee beans compared to other flat coffee beans.
  3. They are highly flavored with more caffeine and taste sweeter than the other coffee beans due to their single development.
  4. Roasting them requires different treatment compared to other coffee beans.
  5. They are scarce, and production is low.

Peaberry Roasting

Roasting peaberry should be done correctly to achieve the desired results. This is a result of their round shape and density compared to the regular coffee bean.

Creating a roast profile is the first step to roasting. This is done through a sample roast to establish the flavors to highlight. After creating the roasting profile, the process becomes easy. However, it is important to pay close attention while roasting peaberries as their first crack can be unnoticeable. It also takes longer for the heat from the roaster to reach the center of the beans.


What your description of special coffee? Is it the flavor or the caffeine content? Some other factors that play a role in making your coffee special are the caution taken when roasting the coffee, the origin of the coffee, and the brewing process used. You can try out the peaberry coffee and see whether it will amaze you. You may end up making it your special coffee.