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Coffee Tips

How to Fix Cracked Coffee Cups

You’re probably taking your favorite cup of coffee in the morning while getting ready for work or during a chilly evening while relaxing, only to notice that your coffee mug or cup is dripping. Upon inspecting the cup and found a small hairline crack, you don’t have to throw away the cup. Although it’s allowing some drips of coffee to escape, it’s possible to repair it.

cracked coffee cups

Here’s how to fix cracked coffee cups:

Step 1

Get super glue and apply it to the hairline crack. You’ll need to apply a thick layer of glue to prevent the cup from leaking. Only use a non-toxic type of superglue for this purpose. Although you can sand down any excess superglue, sanding might worsen the crack due to the pressure applied during the sanding process.

Step 2

Place the cup in a saucepan. Cover the cup with milk. Boil the milk and allow it to simmer for some minutes. Rinse the cup and reuse it. However, be careful when trying this fix since the cup might explode when heating.

Step 3

Try white glue, also known as polyvinyl acetate (PVA), to seal the crack. Apply enough white glue such that the crack is completely covered in the glue. If the coffee mug is cracked into two pieces, apply white glue on the edges of the cracked pieces and hold them together for some minutes. Use a sander to remove any excess glue. However, white glue may degrade over time and the coffee cup will start leaking again, especially when you wash it with your dishwasher.