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How to Troubleshoot GE Coffee Makers?

GE manufactures several types of high-quality coffee makers. These coffee makers are specially designed for domestic use. In case your GE coffee machine fails to work as intended, it’ll help to troubleshoot it.

troubleshoot GE coffee maker

Some issues only require minor repairs or adjustments to fix them. You can start with inspecting the power cable before trying other fixes. If the power cord looks visibly damaged, don’t attempt to use the coffee maker. Switch it off from the socket and unplug it.

If the power cable looks damaged or other troubleshooting processes have failed to fix the issue, have the machine serviced.

Fixing Error Messages

Fix 1- If the appliance displays “Er1”, set the clock. “Er1” error is an indication that the chosen program is unusable unless you set the clock.

Fix 2- If the appliance displays “Er2”, reprogram it. The error is an indication that you’ve pressed the auto function button before setting a program.

Fix 3- “Er3” appears when you press the “TSB” function button before the completion of a brewing cycle. Allow the appliance to complete brewing coffee before pressing this button to avoid the error.

Fix 4- If your GE coffee maker displays “Er4”, unplug it for about 30 seconds. Plug back the appliance. If it still displays “Er4”, it might be damaged. In this case, call the manufacturer for service if it’s still under warranty, else, call an expert.

Fix 5- Whenever “Er5” is displayed on the appliance, it’s an indication that a brewing cycle was started when the warming cycle was ongoing. To fix this error, restart the appliance by pressing the power ON/OFF button.

Fixing Leaks around the Filter Basket

Fix 1- Detach the filter from the appliance. Reinsert it correctly. An improperly inserted basked will leak.

Fix 2- Remove the basket and clean it with a clean, damp cloth. Cleaning it will remove any remnant grounds on the filter.

Fix 3- Preferably, brew coffee using less fine grounds rather than finer grounds. Extremely fine grounds can easily clog the coffee filter basket.

Fix 4- If you’re using a drip valve function, place the coffee carafe in place within 30secs. If you remove the carafe with the drip valve function under use, water will continue entering the basket, thereby overflowing after 30secs.

Water Fails To Run Through the Coffee Maker

Fix 1- Add water to the reservoir until it reaches the fill line. Next, dampen a clean cloth and use it to clean the reservoir water intake. Doing so will remove any clogs.

Fix 2- Detach the filter. Remove the used coffee grounds. Preferably, use less fine coffee grounds. Extremely fine coffee grounds may clog the filter and water won’t run through efficiently.


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