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Does Coffee Help Burn Fats?

Coffee is a popular drink that is consumed globally. Over 2.25 billion cups are consumed every day around the world. Usually, it is known for boosting your energy levels every morning and keeping you awake. There is more to it other than being a morning beverage. But does coffee help burn fats? The answer is yes, it does.

woman drinking coffee and losing fat.

This article shows how coffee help burn fats, the type of coffee that will help burn fat, the amount of coffee that you should drink to burn fats, and the number of calories that consuming coffee will help burn.

How does coffee help burn fats?

  1. Coffee as a Stimulant

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant. The stimulant is common to supplements taken to burn fats. When you take coffee, the caffeine stimulates the brain to increase the release of the hormone adrenaline that flows through the blood to the fat tissues.

Adrenaline signals the fat tissues to break down the fats which, are later released into your blood. Caffeine in coffee helps burn fat by increasing the release of the hormone adrenaline.

  1. Coffee Promotes Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is affected by factors such as the type of food you’re eating, hormones, and physical activity. However, when you consume coffee, the caffeine in it reduces the levels of the hormone ghrelin. The hormone is responsible for making you hungry. Caffeine also increases hormone peptide that makes you feel full and less hungry. This leads to loss of appetite.

  1. Coffee Increases Your Metabolism

Metabolism refers to breaking down foods and transforming them into energy. Caffeine in coffee increases your metabolism rate while resting or exercising. This will result in weight loss. Metabolism, however, is different for every person. Some metabolize beverages and foods fast, while others take time. In lean people, the metabolism rate increases by 29%, while in obese people, the metabolism rate increases by 10%.

  1. Coffee Helps Burn Fat During Exercise

Taking coffee before exercise has proved to help burn fats. This is made possible by some factors related to coffee consumption. Among the factors is the loss of sleep. When you take coffee, the caffeine competes in the brain with the hormone adenosine that promotes sleep for similar receptors. Here, caffeine in the brain blocks the hormone adenosine

from performing its role, leading to sleep deprivation.

The loss of sleep increases your alertness level during exercise, allowing you to exercise more and more. This helps burn calories.

Consuming caffeine before exercise also makes exercise more enjoyable and effortless. This helps you burn more calories as you exercise.

Afternoon exercise is more effective in burning fats compared to morning exercise.


Type of Coffee That Help Burn Fats

Weight loss is linked with a calorie deficit. This is loss of weight through taking fewer amounts of calories than the usual amount. When it comes to calories deficit, the trick here is to take black coffee. Black coffee contains low amounts of calories. Black coffee has around 2 calories. Here are some ways through which black coffee helps burn fats:

  • The many antioxidants in black coffee lead to weight loss.
  • The caffeine in black coffee stimulates your metabolic rate. This boosts your energy levels and reduces the hunger feeling.
  • Black coffee has chlorogenic acid that reduces the production of glucose and fats in your body. This promotes loss of weight.
  • Taking black coffee before exercise increases the metabolism rate, which increases your energy levels leading to increased exercise. This helps reduce weight.
  • Frequent urination after taking black coffee reduces water levels in your body which is a temporary weight loss solution.

For black coffee to be effective, you should not add any sugars, milk, or cream to it. Sugars, milk, and creams contain calories, and adding them to your cup of black coffee will result in additional calories to your body. However, if you’re a sweet coffee lover, here are some sweeteners and their examples that have low-calorie that you can use:

  • Plant-based sweeteners-monk fruit extract
  • Fruit-based sweeteners-yacon syrup
  • Sugar alcohols-maltitol

How Much Coffee Helps You Burn Fats?

Drinking too much coffee is considered not healthy for your body. However, drinking minimum coffee has a lot of benefits which include loss of weight. The recommended amount of coffee that you should take is 400mg or anything less than that. This is equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee in a day. Drinking 4 cups of coffee reduces or burns 4% of fats in your body.

Coffee and Weight Gain

  • Adding sugar and milk to your coffee will lead to weight gain and should be avoided. Sugar and milk contain high amounts of calories that will restrict you from achieving your weight loss goals. Examples of coffees with added calories include Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Frappuccino.
  • Taking coffee contributes to lack of sleep which increases hormone ghrelin which makes you feel hungry. This can lead you to consume large amounts of calories for satisfaction. The result of this will be weight gain. For quality night sleep, do not take coffee 6 hours before bed. It will interfere with your sleep patterns.


Coffee has a lot of health benefits linked to it. However, you need to check on the amount of coffee you take in a day. Too much consumption of coffee is considered not good for your health. Make sure you don’t exceed 400mg in a day.

Taking coffee will help you burn fats. However, it is necessary to check on the number of calories that you take. Limit the amounts, and this will help you lose weight.

Moderating your caffeine intake by avoiding drinking it every day will maximize the effects of caffeine in the burning of fats. Taking coffee every day is less effective in burning fats.


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