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Does Coffee Have Calories

Although there’re many beverages available today, coffee is among the most loved beverages across the globe. It’s especially loved for being rich in caffeine.

Although plain coffee offers some energy boost, it’s almost free of calories. However, additives such as sugar, milk, and various flavors introduce calories in coffee. This article discusses calories in popular coffees.

calories in coffee

Calories in Popular Coffee Drinks

Coffee is prepared by brewing ground coffee beans. Thus, plain coffee mostly contains water and caffeine. It hardly contains calories. However, some beverages prepared with coffee contain a significant amount of calories.

Research shows that espresso has a higher amount of calories than regular coffee in every ounce. The reason behind this difference is that espresso is more concentrated than regular coffee. Espresso is taken in shots, with one shot measuring 30 ml or 1 ounce in volume, and contains about 2 calories.

Also, coffees prepared with sugar and milk have a higher amount of calories than regular, plain coffee. However, the amount of calories present in milk-based coffees depend on the kind of milk used in preparing the drink.

You may end up drinking a higher amount of calories than you’d think depending on the additives you’re putting in coffee and the amount of coffee you’re drinking. If you’re used to adding several tablespoons of milk or creamer and sugar to your cup of coffee, then you’re taking high amounts of calories.

Taking coffee such as bulletproof coffee can also lead to the consumption of high amounts of calories. Bulletproof coffee is prepared by blending regular coffee with medium-chain triglyceride oil or coconut and butter.

If you’re trying to cut weight or regulating your daily calorie intake, consider limiting coffees that contain high amounts of creamers, milk, sugar, or flavors.

Besides calories, sweetened coffees often contain high amounts of added sugars. Taking excessive sugar is linked to serious health issues like obesity, problems in managing blood sugar, and heart disease.

Final Words

Plain coffee contains negligible amounts of calories. However, most popular coffees contain a lot of calories due to additions like sugar, creamer, and milk. Although drinking coffees with such additives isn’t a concern when done in moderation, consuming them in excessive amounts can lead to the consumption of high amounts of calories. In case you have concerns about your daily calorie intake, limit the amount of additives and sweeteners you add to your daily cup of coffee.