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How Many Calories are in a Pot of Coffee?

Coffee has become a cultural and lifestyle staple in man’s everyday life. Millions of people globally enjoy the beverage for its many benefits. You can easily find coffee or two at almost every breakfast table.

coffee pot calories

One of the many benefits people enjoy from coffee is its caffeine content, which is a fuel boost to get through the day. Another is the number of calories it offers. Depending on your additives, coffee calories range back and forth from zero to over thirty-three calories and maybe more.

A cup of coffee with milk has about thirty-three calories, while a cup with two teaspoons of sugar has thirty-two calories. But how many calories are in a freshly brewed pot of coffee? Read on to find out.


Coffee and Calories 

Plain coffee, that is, without additives, offers close to no calories at all. However, additives like milk, sugar, vanilla syrup and cream contribute to the number of calories added. Despite plain coffee being without calories, not all coffee-based drinks are calories-free. Here’s a list of some of these beverages with the number of calories they contain.

  • Black coffee- two calories
  • Iced black coffee- two calories
  • Espresso- twenty calories
  • Cold press (nitro cold brew)- two calories
  • Brewed coffee from flavoured beans- two calories
  • Coffee with one tablespoon (15 mL) of French vanilla creamer- thirty-two calories
  • Coffee with one tablespoon (15 mL) of skim milk- seven calories
  • Coffee with one tablespoon (15 mL) half-and-half and one teaspoon of sugar- thirty-eight calories
  • Non-fat latte- seventy-two calories
  • Flavoured latte- one hundred and thirty- four calories
  • Non-fat cappuccino- forty-six calories
  • Non-fat macchiato- fifty-two calories
  • Non-fat mocha- one hundred and twenty-nine calories
  • Non-fat frozen coffee drink- one hundred and forty-six calories

While a plain black coffee has two calories, the overall number of calories is determined by those added to the extras. These extras are based on preferences. For instance, the number of calories in coffee with milk will depend on the type and brand used. Here’s a list of coffee extras and the amount of estimated calories they contain.

  • Whipped cream- fifty-two (52)
  • Fat-free milk- five (5)
  • Honey- sixty-three calories (63)
  • Sugar- forty-eight (48)
  • Whole milk- nine (9)
  • Maple syrup- fifty-one (51)
  • Almond milk- eight (8)
  • Corn syrup- fifty-seven (57)
  • Cream (half & half)- twenty (20)


How Much is a Pot of Coffee, and How Many Calories?

According to a source, a regular pot has 12 servings of coffee and eighteen (18) calories. A breakdown of the nutrients includes 0.71 grams of carbohydrates, 0.36 grams of fat, and 2.13 grams of protein. A pot of coffee daily is acceptable since eighteen calories aren’t much. To burn 18 calories, you can either cycle for two minutes, swim for a minute, run for a minute or walk for three minutes.

A small pot contains six calories with a breakdown of the nutrients as the following—0.24 grams of carbohydrates, 0.12 grams of fat and 0.71 grams of protein.


How to Reduce the Total Calories from a Pot of Coffee 

Assuming you want a beverage with low calories, the best option is Americano coffee. This is a combination of Espresso and water. Another option is black coffee which also has a low amount of calories. Brewing a pot of these two coffee types is sure to offer low calories.

Additionally, you can reduce the number and quantities of extras added to the coffee and the number of servings you have. Using a smaller coffee pot will also reduce the number of calories from eighteen to six. That’s a difference of twelve calories.



A pot of coffee is acceptable when regarding daily consumption amounts. Eighteen calories are the least you can hope to get from a pot of plain coffee. The additional additives you include in each of the twelve servings will determine how much more calories you would gain from the day’s consumption. Hopefully, this article has informed you on the calorie content a pot of coffee holds and how to increase, lower or burn them.