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Which Coffee Beans are Best For Cappuccino?

Getting a perfect cup of cappuccino is quite a dilemma that requires a lot of testing. This is because you need to get a hold of the perfect ingredients needed for this coffee recipe. Your assignment starts with the type of beans you use and the processes these beans go through.

This article shall focus on the best type of coffee beans used in making cappuccino, the kinds of coffee your barista(s) use at coffee shops, as well as coffee beans used for other types of coffee recipes such as latte.

Cappuccino coffee on a wooden table

What is Cappuccino

A cappuccino is a coffee recipe with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam. It is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world and is similar to a latte. Cappuccino’s uniqueness lies in the texture and proportion of the added steamed milk and foam.

The standard steamed milk should have a silky and glossy appearance and tiny bubbles. There is usually a generous scoop of foam on top of the hot milk and espresso mixture.


Origin of Cappuccino

Before the birth of the cappuccino, the conventional coffee recipe was prepared by boiling coffee, water and sweeteners such as sugar. Towards the end of the 17th century, the British started stepping up their coffee game with milk, followed by France and other European countries.

Cappuccino came from a coffee beverage known as “Kapuziner”  in the 1700s in the Viennese coffee houses. It was either made with coffee, cream and sugar or coffee, spices, cream and sugar. Outside Vienna, people referred to it as “Café Viennois” or   “Viennese Coffee.”

In the 1930s, it was first referred to as “cappuccino” in Northern Italy. This name came from the Capuchin friars, the colour of their habits. The initial Viennese style was with whipped cream chocolate or cinnamon before another variant that included steamed milk came into the picture.

People started preparing cappuccino with espresso in the 1950s when espresso machines became popular.


Easy Steps to Make a Cappuccino

For a serving of cappuccino, you will need;

  • Espresso roast coffee
  • Steamed milk
  • Foamed milk
  • Thermometer
  • Milk jug
  • Espresso machine/Manual espresso maker/Aeropress espresso.

Step 1:

Foam the required quantity of milk needed for a rich and nice foamy texture. Remember, we need more foam than steamed milk.

Step 2:

Brew your espresso(single or double) to your perfect tasting into a cup, using any of the options mentioned above.

Step 3:

Swirl the milk gently from the milk jug to release any large bubbles

Step 4:

For a smooth drink, pour the milk over your espresso from a low height.

Step 5:

Lastly, give your milk a slight wiggle to ensure the milk transfers from the jug to your cup to top off the cappuccino.

Your delicious cup of cappuccino is ready to serve!


Cappuccino Variations

Cappuccinos come in different varieties that soothe various individual tastes. They are;

Dry Cappuccino

Dry cappuccino is espresso and microfoam without steamed milk. Although a lot of coffee shops adhere to this “no milk” rule, some of them still add little.

Whichever way, dry cappuccino should be taken as a quick treat.

Wet Cappuccino

Contrary to dry cappuccino, wet cappuccino contains milk. It has espresso, milk, and foam. You will almost call it a fluffy latte when it is well prepared.

Cappuccino Freddo

This Greek-based coffee drink is perfect for sweaty weather. The preparation method is by pouring espresso shots on ice, then including cold-frothed milk.

Cappuccino Scuro

This variant is dry, with lots of fluffy foam. It contains more espresso and milk than an average cappuccino.

Cappuccino Chiaro

This variant contains espresso, hot milk, and just a dollop of foam at the top. The hot milk gives a different flavour than the one prepared with steamed milk.


Cappuccino Coffee Beans

Almost all coffee recipes have espresso, the same as cappuccino. The prime foundation of coffee drinks lies in the rich flavour of espresso shots.

For a delicious, frothy cappuccino, you will need an ideal roast and an appropriate blend of coffee beans.

The best coffee beans needed for a warm cup of cappuccino are dark roasts.

Cappuccino Coffee Roast

The perfect roast level for cappuccino should be adequately intense, that is, dark enough to be persistent and prominent sufficient to match the milk level, rather than be overpowered. Dark roasts are essential in cappuccino for the flavour and aroma that should be in it.

Cappuccino Coffee Blend

The coffee needed to make cappuccino must have high acidity that can penetrate the alkalinity of the milk used. A full-bodied coffee is essential for the job here. It strengthens the coffee to overpower the barrier milk has against the coffee flavour.


Best Coffee Beans for Cappuccino

  1. Copper Moon Espresso Roast

This Kosher-certified and allergen-free coffee is an all-rounder, as it meets your bitter and sweet tooth cravings halfway.

  1. Rako Coffee Roasters

This particular bag is vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free. To a large extent, you do not have to worry about health issues when you get this. It is best to consider a dry cappuccino to avoid a funky aftertaste.

  1. Mt . Comfort Coffee Espresso Roast

Mt. Comfort coffee roast is very dark and gives a delicious flavour with a heavy dose of smoky bitterness. If you prefer organic beans, this is a jackpot for you.

  1. Eight O’clock Coffee

This medium roast coffee comes with pumpkin spice as a soothing flavour. The Eight O’clock Coffee Pumpkin spice is made with 100% Arabica beans and is also Kosher Certified. With its taste, you do not need to add extra sauce or syrup.

  1. Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans

Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans is against the regular sharp and bitter espresso flavour. It gives a sweet and bright finish even though its roast is to the darkest possible point. It has a bold taste and lower acidity. If you are a sweet tooth coffee lover, you should try this.

  1. Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema

This particular one is one of the best Italian coffee for a cappuccino.

  1. Illy Intenso Whole Bean Coffee
  2. Douwe Egberts Dark Roast Intense
  3. Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso
  4. Death Wish Coffee Whole Bean Coffee


FAQs About the Best Coffee Beans for Cappuccino

What Coffee Do you Use For Cappuccino

To get a nice flavoured cup of cappuccino, you’ll need espresso roast coffee.

What are The Best Beans for Cappuccino?

The best beans needed for cappuccino are dark roasts.

Do you Need Exceptional Coffee for a Cappuccino?

The most important thing about your coffee type for cappuccino is the roast level. And espresso roast coffee does the job perfectly.

Best Starbucks Coffee Beans  for Cappuccino

As Starbucks suggest on their website, Starbucks single-origin Columbian by Nespresso and Pike Place Roast Whole Bean Coffee is one of their best cappuccino deals.

Which Coffee Bean is Best for a Latte

Dark roasted espresso coffee beans also work perfectly for lattes.

Best Espresso Beans for Crema

  • Lavazza Super Crema Espresso
  • Wink Super Crema Espresso.
  • Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast
  • Cliff Hanger Espresso (Medium Roast)
  • Koffee Kult Coffee Beans (Dark Roast)
  • Kicking Horse Coffee


Final Words

All coffee recipes have their specifications and procedures to achieve the best result. It is your job as a barista or a regular coffee lover to discover what is happening inside your cup regularly.

If you have ever shopped for your coffee, you will realise a wide range of choices—varieties in terms of country of origin, roast level, bean type and other things.

Whether as someone who has a favourite, or a rounder, make findings and look into ways to make a twist that will elevate the taste of your daily dose of caffeine.


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