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Which Coffee Beans are Best for a Latte?

Getting your perfect cup of latte is hinged on a couple of things like your choice of milk, the coffee maker used, and the type of beans you decide to use. Looking for the right choice of beans for your favourite coffee can be tricky because there are different types of coffee beans with unique flavours you can pick from to achieve your dream latte.

latte coffee beans

This article will explain the coffee bean types you can use to achieve a texture and flavour that is hard to beat, as well as other factors that contribute to the perfection of your ideal latte cup.


What is Latte

A Cafe latte, or “latte” as it is mainly referred to, is a type of coffee made of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Latte is one of the most widely enjoyed coffee as it is less bitter than other types due to the addition of steamed milk.

Because a latte has a significant amount of milk, it is best made with coffee beans that contain bold and well-pronounced flavours to ensure the milk does not overpower the coffee’s natural taste.

latte coffee

Easy Steps to Make a Latte

For a serving, you will need;

  • 2oz. freshly brewed espresso
  • 8oz. whole fresh milk
  • Espresso machine or Manual espresso maker


Step 1:

With your espresso machine or manual espresso maker, make the espresso with freshly ground beans and set it aside.


Steam/ heat your milk(maybe on a stovetop) at about 150-155 degrees Fahrenheit until it releases some and even bubbles. Then whisk until the milk gets frothy.

Allow the foam to incorporate itself into the milk for about half a second to one minute so that the latte can be perfectly creamy. (A milk frother will save you some stress, though)

Step 3:

Top your already made espresso with the frothed milk. You may then add any flavour or sugar as desired.


Latte Arts

The fabulous art accompanying a latte cup is yet another best thing about drinking a latte. Imagine having a heart-shaped skill on your coffee when you are having a bad day. It kind of melts my heart, yeah? Well, it’s not something you can’t try out too.

latte art

Four Elements of Latte Art

  • Position

You have to position your hand to pour out the milk consistently in the centre of the cup.

  • Flow

You must pour the milk slowly and ensure your pitcher is close enough to the coffee to bring out the beauty.

  • Control

You must control it while pouring your milk, especially for complicated shapes and designs.

  • Height

Always start with a high dive, slowly bring it down as you make your design, and then finish with increased flow.


Basic Latte Art Patterns

  1. Solid heart designs
    • Rippled heart
    • Hollow heart
  2. Rosetta designs
    • Slowsetta
    • Multiple Rosettas
  3. Simple tulip designs
    • Stacked tulip
    • Winged Tulip
  4. Swan designs
    • Tulip Swan
    • Double winged swan


Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Coffee beans are an essential tool in making a latte. To achieve a great cup of latte, you will need good espresso. And for a good espresso, you will need excellent coffee beans that are of high quality.

Choosing coffee beans based on their origin, the seemingly best beans for latte are;

  1. Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopian beans are known to be Africa’s finest because of their flavour and rich aroma. It comes in excellent taste because it is grown at a high altitude with clear air.

Its taste is widely described as “a winey blackcurrant flavour with hints of spice and chocolate”, and it definitely gives a crisp finish that would make you want more.

  1. Brazilian Coffee Beans

Brazilian coffee beans are another set of beans that makes sense for a latte. They have a robust and smoky flavour which may vary depending on the roast level.

Whatever level of roasting you choose, Brazilian coffee beans give a natural sweetness that is perfect for your latte.

  1. Kona Coffee Beans

Kona coffees are exclusively grown on the Big Island in Hawaii with volcanic slopes and also have a very clean taste with subtle sweetness and less acidity. It gives a creamy and medium-bodied flavour that doesn’t provide an overpowering flavour.

Its delicious scent and aromatic flavour are suitable for a latte.

  1. Peruvian Coffee Beans

Peruvian beans are other mild-bodied and light-flavoured beans with less acidity and less bitterness that is perfect for a latte.

It gives a creamy taste with subtle chocolate or vanilla undertones that is desirable for the best result of your latte.


Best Coffee Beans for Cappuccino

Cappuccino is another famous espresso-based coffee that contains equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk with a frothy or powdered chocolate top.

cappuccino coffee sample

Some of the best coffee beans that can be used for cappuccino include;

  • Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Coffee
  • Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Beans
  • Illy Intenso Whole Bean Coffee
  • Death Wish Coffee Whole Bean Coffee
  • Douwe Egberts Dark Roast Intense


Best Coffee Beans for Flat White

A flat-white coffee is a coffee that is made of espresso and microfoam milk. It has a silky consistency which it is widely known for.

flat white coffee

Best coffee beans that can be used to prepare a flat-white include;

  • South American Blend (sweet and mild)
  • Java Blawan (awesome dark cocoa flavour)
  • Peru Tunki (milk chocolate praline)
  • Cuban Serrano (great Mocha hit)


FAQs About The Best Coffee Beans for a Latte

Can You Make a Latte With Regular Coffee Beans?

For the best result, you should always use a medium-dark roast bean to bring out the right full-bodied latte flavour.

However, if you want to use regular coffee, double your brewing to achieve the robust standard of a strong cup of latte.

What Coffee Roast is Best for Lattes?

Medium and dark roasts with less acidity and subtle sweetness are best for lattes.

What Roast is Best for Latte Arts?

Medium or light roasts will always bring out your latte arts in a more precise form.

Which Coffee Roast is Best With Milk?

Dark roasts are always the best combo with milk. On the other hand, lighter roasts tend to get easily overpowered by milk, thereby losing their originality.

What Beans Does Starbucks Use for a Latte?

Starbucks uses darkest but not burnt espresso roast coffee beans from Latin America and Asia/Pacific.


Final Words

Getting the perfect cup of latte is a serious business. You need to follow the proper procedures and mixture required for the quest. To derive a rich flavour and texture that is hard to beat, some crucial factors are to be considered, of which your coffee bean holds an integral part.

You can now get lattes with an assortment of toppings, syrups, and sprinkles. It’s your call on this one! Whether you are an intending barista, a striving one, or just a coffee lover who wants to explore the caffeine world, this article has made it easier for you to broaden your horizon on creating a solid cup of latte that suits your taste and style.


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