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What Is Reserve Espresso?

Many coffee lovers flock to Starbucks coffee stores for their unique hot coffees. If you love Starbucks coffee, you have probably heard about their unique Starbucks reserve coffee. If you have not heard about it before, we will keep you informed about it. Essentially, the reserve concept was introduced to Starbucks by its former CEO, Howard Schultz in 2017.

Reserve Espresso

Today, Starbucks boasts of having six reserve coffee roasteries around the world. These roasteries are based in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Milan, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Starbucks roasts its own reserve coffee, including reserve espresso. Select coffees brewed with reserve espresso are sold to at least 1,500 regular Starbucks stores. But what is reserve espresso?


Introduction to Reserve Espresso

Reserve espresso is a special blend of espresso beans sourced and roasted by Starbucks. Reserve espresso brews rich, full-bodied espresso drinks. These espresso beans are created through a special post-blending process. In this process, four different beans from exclusive regions are roasted and blended to form a blend with an intense aroma and sweet caramel flavor. Besides, it creates a thick crema on the brew. Reserve espresso produces sweet, delicious espresso.


How to Roast Reserve Espresso

Starbucks buys green coffee beans from its sources. The beans arrive at their reserve roasteries while unroasted. Thus, Starbucks roasts its own coffee. For instance, its New York City reserve roastery features a 30-foot roasting cask. It roasts at least 1.5 million pounds of coffee beans annually. Every Starbucks reserve roastery has its custom roasting cask.

A master roaster is responsible for roasting the beans. The roast ensures that each coffee bean is roasted depending on its size, density, and color. Thus, differently-sized coffee beans are roasted at different temperatures and roasting times.

Roasters at Starbucks roasteries boast of extensive experience in roasting coffee beans to bring out their full potential.


What is Reserve Espresso and why is it So Special?

Reserve espresso is a uniquely roasted espresso bean. It is only available in small batches. The roasting process is done carefully depending on the size and shape of each bean. Thus, roasting is tailored for each small batch of coffee beans to ensure maximum quality. The beans are sourced from cooperatives, small-scale growers, and family-run farms. Thus, the beans are extremely rare.

Overall, reserve espresso coffee speaks for itself. Roasting is done in-house according to strict standards. It is a premium and rare coffee. Thus, you have to pay a premium price for its superior quality.