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Why Does Instant Coffee Smell Weird?

Instant coffee is appreciated for its convenience. It allows you to enjoy coffee anywhere you can get hot water. Unfortunately, the quality of instant coffee is always questionable. Instant coffee smells weird and tastes different from freshly brewed coffee. Even top coffee brands are unable to match the taste of instant coffee with that of coffee brewed using freshly ground coffee. But why does instant coffee smell weird? Keep reading through this article to find out.

instant coffee smell weird

Why Does Instant Coffee Smell Bad?

Although instant coffee is made from coffee beans like ground coffee, its quality is not the same as that of ground coffee. It smells and tastes a little weird. The difference in its smell and taste results from the process used in turning coffee beans into powder.

The process starts with converting coffee beans into liquid coffee. Essentially, roasted coffee beans are turned into a concentrated brew. If the instant coffee manufacturer uses low-quality coffee beans, the resultant instant coffee will have a bad smell and taste. If the manufacturer uses top-quality beans, the instant coffee will smell and taste better but not as good as freshly brewed coffee.

When making instant coffee from liquid coffee, the manufacturers try to preserve coffee flavors by dehydrating liquid coffee. Most manufacturers spray massive amounts of concentrated coffee into a warm, dry chamber.

The chamber dehydrates every tiny droplet of liquid coffee in midair. Solid remains fall at the bottom. It is the same process used in making powdered milk, powdered dyes, and powdered eggs. As the liquid coffee is sprayed into the chamber, it gets exposed to intense heat. Excessive heat alters the chemicals present in coffee. That is why its aroma and taste change into a weird smell and bitter, burnt, or sour taste.


Can You Make Your Instant Coffee Smell And Taste Better?

Many people who have ever tried instant coffee say it smells weird and tastes bitter or sour. However, it remains the most convenient and affordable way of enjoying coffee while hiking, camping, or traveling. You do not require any equipment to make instant coffee.

If you constantly find yourself rushing in the morning, you can avoid getting late for work by taking instant coffee instead of brewing coffee. Despite these benefits, it does not offer the best drinking experience due to its weird taste and smell. Here is how to improve its smell and taste:


Tip #1- Dissolve the coffee with some cold water

First, dissolve the instant coffee with a little amount of cold water before you add hot water. Doing so reduces the weird smell and sourness that occur when you mix instant coffee directly with hot water.


Tip #2- Add a sprinkle of cocoa powder

If you like chocolate, this is a must-try trick. Chocolate can make your instant coffee smell and taste better. Just add a scoop of cocoa powder and enough instant coffee powder into your cup before adding hot water.


Tip #3- Add a dash of cinnamon

Cinnamon is spicy with a strong aroma. It will help mask the weird smell of instant coffee by introducing a cinnamon aroma to your coffee. Just add a dash of cinnamon to your cup before adding hot water.