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Is Death Wish Coffee Safe?

Recently, Death Wish Coffee has attracted a lot of hype. Its name alone can make you wonder whether drinking it is comparable to having a death wish. If you have never tried this coffee before, you are likely to worry whether it is good for you. This brings about the question, “Is Death Wish Coffee safe”? In this article, we will describe whether it is safe for you to drink this coffee.

death wish coffee safety

What Kind of Coffee is Death Wish Coffee?

Death Wish Coffee has got coffee enthusiasts and critics talking. There is a never-ending back-and-forth debate about its safety. Essentially, Death Wish Coffee is a coffee brand marketed as one of the strongest coffees in the world. The coffee comprises specially roasted Robusta beans that give it an extra punch of caffeine.

The coffee is made to stand out from the saturated market of regular coffee. It is packaged in bags of whole beans and ground coffee. It is also available in K-cups sold under the name Death Cups.

Death Wish Coffee targets coffee lovers who can hardly start their day without a caffeine boost. It also targets coffee lovers who always want to try different coffees.


Caffeine Content in Death Wish Coffee

To help you understand whether Death Wish Coffee is safe, it will help to discuss its caffeine content. Its strength is what sets it apart from other coffees. It stokes a lot of intrigue and interest among coffee lovers.

Death Wish Coffee was developed by Mike Brown to meet the growing demand for very strong coffee. Its caffeine content is about 200 percent higher than that of regular coffee. It is classified as a specialty roast.

The manufacturer recommends using a ratio of 2 ½ tablespoons of Death Wish Coffee per 6oz water. It contains 59mg caffeine per fluid ounce. Thus, a single serving of this coffee contains about 708mg caffeine. Regular coffee contains about 12mg caffeine per fluid ounce, which is about 144mg caffeine per serving. Thus, you can see the huge difference in caffeine content.


Is Death Wish Coffee Safe?

Research shows that it is generally safe for healthy adults to consume up to 400mg of caffeine per day, which translates to about 4 cups of regular coffee. However, Death Wish Coffee contains about 708mg caffeine per cup. Thus, a single cup of this coffee exceeds the recommended daily caffeine intake.

Drinking more than 400mg caffeine may cause side effects such as nervousness, insomnia, increased blood pressure, agitation, jitters, and restlessness among other issues. Although moderate doses of caffeine enhance performance on cognitive tasks, higher doses may impair performance.

Considering its high caffeine content, Death Wish Coffee is only ideal for people who have a high caffeine tolerance. Such individuals only experience the effects of caffeine when they consume a lot of it. If you are sensitive to coffee or you are not used to high caffeine content, Death Wish Coffee is not safe for you.