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What Flavors Go Well with Coffee?

You can make new friends just by talking about quality coffee, but sometimes you might get into an argument on what goes best with coffee.

Some people forbid the usage of flavorings and syrups while making coffee, while some will add a little extra flavoring to give the coffee a unique taste.

coffee flavors.

But we personally don’t prefer syrups or flavoring used to make coffee, even though they are not bad.

Having a little variety is not a problem, sometimes trying something different will give another level of pleasure.

We are here to suggest you some flavors that go great with the brew that you can try right now.


Coffee With Chocolate

The meet-up of coffee and chocolate create one of the most popular coffees, the Mocha. It feels like it comes between a latte and a hot chocolate, with a combination of espresso and cocoa. Both components taste so good together that people tend to think cocoa plants and coffee plants have some sort of relationship with each other. Mocha should be the first choice if you want something indulgent and sweet in your coffee.

There are even coffee beans covered in chocolate which proves how well these two ingredients go with each other.


Coffee With Coconut

Other than chocolate, coconut blends perfectly with coffee. You get natural and subtle sweetness from coffee and coconut, which makes them both suitable for each other. Some people love their coffee a little creamy. You can add/blend coconut cream or milk into your coffee to get that smooth creamy texture. Coconut brings out the flavors and characteristics of the coffee, so don’t worry about coconut dominating your coffee. But if you choose black coffee, then you can put a little bit of coconut oil or essence, be sure not to overdo it. This will balance the flavors of your coffee by giving a slight taste of coconutty flavor in the background.


Coffee With Vanilla

Missing Christmas? Try adding vanilla into your coffee to get a sweet coffee flavor, it will feel like a Christmas beverage. Sometimes brewed coffee has this bitterness in them, but they also have some sweet flavors to counter the bitterness of coffee. Still, if you feel the coffee should be sweeter or you just want something sweet to drink, then give the vanilla syrup a try. Vanilla will dominate the flavor of coffee to some extent, unlike coconut. It doesn’t harm to try mixing things up. If you want you can make vanilla syrup at home, heat water and sugar with a touch of the vanilla pod to get an intense flavor.


Coffee With Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to your coffee will result in sweet but also earthly flavor, which compliments the flavors of coffee perfectly. But keep the cinnamon to a minimum, or your coffee will get ruined. Buy the syrup or make it yourself, it’s easy! Add cinnamon grounds in boiling water with some sugar in it, or you can directly add a cinnamon stick and let it infuse in syrup. Don’t add too much. Nutmeg also works like cinnamon, it tastes amazing with coffee (mostly with latte). In fact, a vanilla spiced latte with the combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg makes a beautiful drink for winters, also to warm cockles.


Coffee With Baileys

Coffee and baileys both are worth trying combos. Baileys already have slight creamy notes that you find in coffee, which makes them bond together perfectly. In addition, baileys have some chocolate flavors which go well with brew. Whiskey present in bailey is what makes this combo special. Usually, the whiskey and coffee combination is traditional Irish coffee. Whiskey and coffee’s aromatic and intense flavors are perfectly balanced, making their taste delicious. Adding baileys means adding several different flavors into your coffee, but don’t worry, as it makes the brew tastier.


Coffee With Caramel

The results are fancy and sweet when coffee and caramel meet. Coffee with caramel works excellently, with the dark flavor of caramel and bitterness of coffee. None of them dominate each other, letting you taste a unique coffee profile. You can buy caramel if you want but you can make it at home too, keep your gas on medium-high, and heat up the sugar with little water, wait until the sugar turns golden brown. Later pour them into an ice cube tray, so whenever you want you can pop one cube of caramel out into your coffee cup. It will help your coffee to cool down and give it a sweet taste.


Coffee With Butter

Putting a small cube of butter in your coffee might seem like a big no, but the combination of butter and coffee works really well. Just try not to overdo it, you can add a small cube or half tablespoon of butter, this gives a really incredible taste of creamy/smooth and strong flavor.



These were the flavors we think work best with coffee, some of you might not agree or some of you might have got a permanent partner for your coffee. The flavor coffee possesses is so intense and strong that you can experiment with it with other things without losing the characters of coffee. So, start experimenting with new unique flavors and ingredients and see which one you enjoyed the most.


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