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What Goes Well With Coffee Flavor?

Coffee is a favorite drink for millions of people around the world. You will hardly fail to come across several coffee shops in major towns throughout the world. The success of these coffee shops explains how coffee is loved. Coffee comes in several forms. Some love it plain, black while others love it with added milk, syrups, or sugar. But what goes well with coffee flavor? Read on through this comprehensive guide to learn more about the best coffee flavor combinations.

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What Flavors Go Well With Coffee?

There is a never-ending debate on what should be considered bad or good coffee. Some coffee enthusiasts argue that flavorings and syrups should never be added to coffee. Others feel that adding flavorings complements and improves the natural coffee flavor. Regardless of your stance on this debate, here are the best coffee flavor combinations:

Coffee and Chocolate

Combining coffee with chocolate creates a mocha. It is one of the most popular coffees. The flavor and taste of mocha can be described as somewhere between a latte and hot chocolate. It is prepared by combining espresso and cocoa. 

Coffee and chocolate flavors complement each other perfectly to the extent of some people thinking that the cocoa plant and coffee plant are related. If you want something more indulgent and a little sweeter, a mocha would be perfect. You can also find chocolate-coated coffee beans to brew mocha easily.

Coffee and Vanilla

You can make a sweeter coffee beverage by adding vanilla syrup to coffee. Generally, properly brewed coffee is naturally sweet with less noticeable bitterness. However, if you are unable to get quality coffee beans or good coffee, or you prefer something sweeter, adding vanilla syrup can be a perfect fix. 

However, vanilla has a very strong flavor that can overpower the coffee flavor. Regardless, it is great for sweetening coffee. Besides, you can make vanilla syrup at home by heating water, sugar, and a vanilla pod.

Coffee and Coconut

Coffee and coconut flavors blend perfectly. They make a subtly sweet and natural combination. If you like taking milky coffee but do not like dairy, adding creamed coconut or coconut milk is a perfect alternative. You just need to blend the two or stir them thoroughly to get a smooth, creamy drink. The good thing about coconut is that it intensifies and enhances coffee flavor instead of masking it. The coconut flavor is just felt as a hint in the background.

Coffee and Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to coffee gives it an earthier and sweeter taste. Cinnamon accents coffee’s natural flavors. However, you should only add a little sprinkle of cinnamon powder, or else you will ruin your coffee. Cinnamon has a very strong flavor and you only need a little of it. You can also add cinnamon syrup. Alternatively, you can use nutmeg in place of cinnamon. Nutmeg also comes with a strong flavor and should be added to coffee sparingly.

Coffee and Caramel

If you like your coffee sweet and sumptuous, add caramel. The darker notes of caramel round off the natural bitterness of coffee without masking it. Coffee and caramel are a perfect match since they complement each other’s flavors with none overpowering the other. 

You can buy caramel or make some at home by heating a little amount of water and sugar until the sugar turns brown. An alternative way of adding caramel to coffee is to make ice cubes from caramel. Then pop the ice cube in your hot coffee to sweeten and cool it faster. 

Coffee and Baileys

You can make your coffee more special by adding Baileys. Baileys already contains creamy coffee notes. Thus, it goes well with coffee flavor. Besides, Baileys has chocolate flavors that make it a great match for coffee. Also, Baileys contains whiskey. Coffee with added whiskey is typically known as Irish coffee. The strong, aromatic flavor of whiskey in Baileys balances well with the coffee. Now that you know what goes well with coffee flavor, you can proceed to experiment with different flavors. Eventually, you will find a flavor combination that tastes best for you and appreciate the sweetness that comes with coffee additives. 



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