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Coffee & Health

Why Does Coffee Make Me Angry?

Waking up and drinking your everyday brew, to maybe get a boost might result in mood swings or even physiological changes. Coffee has several benefits from mental to physical, but overdoing anything will usually cause mood swings.

Consuming more than recommended could lead to an increase in anger. And if you found out that caffeine is the reason behind your anger, trying to cut off coffee might result in more rage than before.

woman getting angry after drinking coffee.

Caffeine Overtake

Many drinks contain caffeine other than coffee, for example, tea, chocolate, or soft drinks, all of these could result in various types of side effects. An increase in your pulse and constant or increase in urination are some of the symptoms. Excessive coffee intake could result in general anxiety too. More than 4 cups of brew or 500-600 mg of caffeine in a day can cause mood swings, most particularly anger. So, limiting the caffeine intake to 200-300 mg in a day can help you feel better than before, resulting in less rage.


Lack Sleep

Consuming a large amount of caffeine during the day or maybe drinking a cup of brew or soft drinks (containing caffeine) before going to bed can affect your sleep. To avoid this, try to consume your caffeine-containing drinks at least 4 hours prior to sleeping time. So, sometimes caffeine won’t make you angry, the reason might be lack of sleep due to caffeine before sleep.


Cutting Off the Caffeine

If drinking the brew is a habit of your day making you depended on it. Then cutting it off directly could trigger your anger. It is a big challenge to stop caffeine intake suddenly and depending on how your body takes it, could result in you feeling angry. Headaches and lethargy are some of the other symptoms experienced during this process. Instead of cutting off the whole intake, try to gradually reduce the intake of coffee to avoid side effects. Try to reduce one cup after every day or two. meaning if you drink 6 cups of coffee per day, start drinking only 5 cups on your 1st day, 4 cups on the 2nd-3dr day, and 3 cups on the 4th-5th day.


How to Handle Anger

If excessive caffeine consumption or suddenly cutting off the beverage leads to anger issues, then try to adopt some healthy ways to control your emotions. An easy yet tough remedy is to give the situation a little time, when you get angry try to stay calm at least for few moments. Doing this will give you time to analyze the situation and could stop you from saying or doing anything foolish.

Another thing you can do in this situation is to do something physical, wear your shoes and head out for a jog or start doing push-ups. Exercise is a great way to improve your mood, also it makes you feel good about yourself. If still, you feel the same after approaching different lifestyle changes try consulting your doctor.