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What Do You Call a Coffee Maker?

There are people whose profession is solely preparing and selling coffee drinks. These people thrive on a small scale and large-scale entrepreneurs. They are called coffee makers. However, there are still differences among them.

coffee maker

Another set of coffee makers is the machines used to prepare various coffee drinks. Just as we have coffee-making devices suitable for large brewing, coffee makers are also ideal in homes for single to few users.

This article shall dwell on the two types of coffee makers in the coffee world.


What are Coffee Makers Called?

In coffee shops or restaurants that sell coffee drinks, they have specially skilled people they employ to make coffee for their customers. These people are called Baristas.

A Barista is saddled with the responsibility of educating customers on the different types of drinks on the menu, making recommendations for customers based on their preferences, and taking and making their orders.

A barista must be cheerful and have good customer service knowledge and skill because they will not only have to make coffee, they need to attend to customers to help them make their choice.

If you’re wondering, “barista” is an Italian word that means “bartender.” It can be used for both males and females.


Types of Coffee Machines for Home

There are different types of coffee makers you can use by yourself at home. In case you’re confused as to which to buy, you should check out the following espresso machines and see if they align with your preference.

Manual Espresso Machine

As implied by its name, this machine is completely manual; you have to control all aspects, such as tamping, pressure, and water flow. It can be tricky and takes quite a lot of practice to get it right. But when you do, it will only take a couple of minutes to fix your coffee.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

Rather than manual machines, this semi-automatic espresso machine automates some parts and gives you control over some features, such as water measurement and timing.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

These types of machines take total control of your coffee-making process. So, it’s best for those who don’t want any hassle while preparing their coffee. Just push a button, and your delicious cup of coffee is ready.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

These types of machines are fully automatic. You don’t have to cringe; these machines will grind your coffee beans, control the water measurement, and control the milk frothing. Some of them even have the whole beans or pre-ground coffee option.

It is swift and easy to use with the press of a button.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This coffee maker goes to iced coffee lovers. All you need to do is steep your coffee grounds in cold water for about 12-24hours until you get the amount of flavourful coffee extract required. A cold brew coffee is different from any other iced coffee and is definitely worth the time.

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are pretty famous due to their affordability and practicality. A drip coffee maker serving size is also another selling point. It can conveniently brew between 12-15 cups. However, there are smaller sizes too.

French Press

Also known as a coffee plunger, a French Press is one of the most accessible home coffee makers. All you need to do is add boiled water to the grounds and allow it to be steep, depending on how strong you like your coffee. After that, you push the metal mesh downwards, sending your feet to the bottom and the press and allowing your coffee out.


Types of Coffee Machines for Business

Setting up a coffee business requires getting the best durable coffee machines. There are two main types of commercial espresso machines. They are;

Heat Exchange Machine

This machine is best suited for smaller cafes, offices, and restaurants. Just as the name implies, a heat exchange machine’s water that rushes through the heat exchange is heated by the high temperature of its single steam boiler.

Multi Boiler Exchange

Just as the name implies, there’s a minimum of two boilers on the machine; one at a low temperature for brewing and the other at a higher temperature for producing steam.


Key Factors to Consider When Getting a Coffee Maker


The first thing you should consider before getting a coffee machine for your coffee business is your budget. How big is your business? How much do you have to spare for other equipment after getting a coffee maker? What kind of coffee maker can you afford in multiples so that you can have a sound output? All these could be considered before proceeding to get a coffee maker.


Depending on your business size, you should get a coffee maker that’ll have the power to handle the workload you’ll be needing it for. You should also be able to provide for its power because the more features and functions a coffee maker has, the more power the machine will need.

Workflow and Automation

For more efficiency and good quality of your outputs, you should look into sophisticated coffee makers with various automated features that would make your work faster.


This feature allows you to set different doses for different coffee sizes. Easy control tools like this would make your work easier and faster.



What are People Coffee Makers Called?

People who make coffee in coffee bars and restaurants, both male and female, are called baristas.

How Many Types of Coffee Machines are There?

On a broad scale, we have automatic and manual coffee-making machines.


Final Words

There are different types of coffee maker choices for both home and commercial uses. It is left to you to choose which best suits your budget and specialty. You should also know that the type of coffee maker you decide to buy will go a long way in your business efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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