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How to Order Coffee with Cream and Sugar?

Coffee ordering terms are essential especially when placing espresso and coffee orders. Some of these terms may be confusing especially to beginners in the coffee world. Additionally, when placing an order, it’s important to specify what you want to avoid getting something different. This article will discuss how to order coffee with cream and sugar as well as the basic terminologies used to order coffee. Let’s begin!

coffee with cream sugar

How to Order Coffee with Cream and Sugar

Usually, most people get confused when it comes to ordering coffee with cream and sugar since they are not aware of the units they should use to describe the amount they need. If you’re among them, here are some terms that you can use.

When ordering coffee with cream and sugar, you can specify to the barista or the person taking your order how many packets of sugar you would like as well as how many small cups of cream you want. This applies to most cafes that have their cream and sugar prepackaged. However, if the cream and sugar aren’t prepackaged, you can specify your order in terms of spoonful’s for sugar, and splash/ a lot/ a little for cream amount.


How to Order Coffee

Choosing a drink from a coffee shop can be challenging to many as a result of the many options available. However, ordering coffee is simple as long as you understand the coffee vocabulary. The first thing you need to start with when ordering your coffee is deciding whether you want your coffee black or with milk. From there, choose the strength of your coffee in terms of caffeine content. Additionally, choose the type of roast you want – whether light roast/light city/half city, medium roast/American/breakfast roasts, or dark roasts/espresso/European/Italian/French roasts, as well as any extras or flavorings. Lastly, let your barista know whether you want iced or hot coffee as well as the size. That’s everything you need to order coffee like a boss. Let’s take a look at the common terminologies used when ordering coffee.


Terminologies Used to Order Coffee

  • Decaf – coffee that has 97% of the caffeine removed
  • Double – This means twice as much – could be a double shot, double the usual flavor syrup/ milk/ sugar
  • Double Double- this is a term that’s common in Canada that means large coffee mixed with two sugar and creamer packets
  • Dry – coffee drink with only frothed milk
  • Extra – used for something more than the usual amount – extra sugar, cream, or milk
  • Regular – coffee that’s not decaf
  • Skinny – coffee made with nonfat milk
  • Shot – either a shot of espresso or flavored syrups – means one serving size
  • House – means the house coffee blend. The term house may vary from  different coffee shops, therefore feel free to ask what it comprises
  • Half-caf – blend of regular and decaf coffee in the ratio of 1:1
  • Quad – means four espresso shots or double double in the U.S.
  • Single – one espresso shot that’s ordered straight. Could also mean a single flavor shot or sugar
  • Triple – drink with three shots of espresso
  • Solo – drink with one shot of espresso
  • Whip – means whipped cream. You can either order a drink with a whip or a drink with no whip
  • With legs – means a coffee drink that’s in a to-go cup that’s insulated and with a lid
  • Wet – coffee drink with little to no foam and with a larger milk quantity


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