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How Long Does Coffee Hair Dye Last?

Sometimes, you may just want to make savings by making your own stuff at home. Also, you may be a DIY enthusiast and loves making your own stuff.

When it comes to grooming your hair, you can as well apply your DIY beauty skills.


young woman with coffee hair dye on her hair.


If your hair doesn’t have a natural color, you’ll want to dye it. If you’re a DIY handy person or you want to save some money, you can make your own hair dye at home rather than buying a chemical hair dye. All you need is coffee.

Conventional dyes sold in beauty shops, supermarkets, or online often have harsh chemicals. Sometimes, they may damage your hair, with some damages being irreversible.

If you prefer dyeing your hair with a safe hair dye, consider making your own hair dye with coffee. Coffee is a natural product, thereby making it safe for application on your hair.

Essentially, most people opt for commercial dyes since they want fast and assured results. Also, most commercial dyes promise long-lasting results. Regardless, you can make a reliable coffee hair dye at home.

Although it may not last as long as a commercial hair dye, it’s ideal for experimenting with different hues without any negative effects on your hair.

Generally, a coffee hair dye can last for about 2 to 3 weeks depending on whether you’re using organic conditioners and how often you wash your hair.


Quick Facts on Coffee Hair Dye

There’re certain things you need to know prior to applying coffee dye on your hair such as:

  • Coffee dye might not have similar effects on neon, grey, or red hair. Also, blondes may not get a deep brunette hue from coffee dye. Those whose hair has brown shades may stand higher chances of getting the coffee color they’re applying.
  • If you’ve recently bleached your hair or changed your hair color severally, coffee dye might not color your hair evenly.
  • The color of your hair will darken with darker coffee roasts. However, dark hair may not darken further by staining it with coffee apart from covering any grey hair.


Benefits of Dyeing Your Hair with Coffee

There’re several benefits of applying coffee dye to your hair including:


  1. Coffee boosts hair growth

The caffeine content in coffee increases blood circulation in the scalp. Thus, hair follicles will grow at a faster rate.

Also, coffee boosts hair growth by strengthening the hair shaft and hair roots. Consequently, your hair will grow longer and stronger.


  1. It’ll darken your hair

Staining your hair with coffee is a perfect natural method of darkening it. It’ll make your hair darker and give it an even tone.


  1. Coffee can make your hair healthier and shinier

Applying coffee dye on your hair moisturizes it, especially when mixed with a conditioner.

It’s especially important to keep your hair well moisturized during summer to prevent it from drying up.

By keeping your hair moisturized, it’ll grow healthier, shinier, and more beautiful.


  1. It doesn’t stain the sink or tub

Since coffee dye comprises natural ingredients, it doesn’t stain the sink or tub permanently like chemical dyes.

Although darker roasts might stain the sink or tub lightly, you can easily remove the stains with regular cleaners.

If you stain the sink with coffee dye, simply scrub it with a solution of water and lemon to clear the stain once you’re done dyeing your hair.


How to Make and Apply Coffee Hair Dye

Step 1- Brew 1 to 2 cups of coffee using your favorite brewing method. Preferably, use dark roasted coffee beans to make the brew. Darker roasts will darken your hair more than lighter roasts. Also, ensure the brew is very strong. Allow the brew to cool to a temperature that’s safe to touch.

Step 2- If you’ve brewed 1 cup of coffee, mix about half of it with 2 to 3 tablespoons of ground coffee to darken and thicken the dye for easier and longer-lasting application.

Step 3- Add 2 tablespoons of your preferred hair conditioner to the coffee mixture. Preferably, use a thick conditioner for easier application. Mix the ingredients with a spoon. If you’re dyeing longer hair, use more coffee and hair conditioner when making the dye. You can adjust the ratio to your liking.

Step 4- Next, drape a towel over your shoulders. Doing so will prevent any coffee mixture from staining your clothes and skin.

Step 5- Apply the coffee mixture to your hair. Use your hands to apply the dye. Preferably, start with the base of your hair, just above your scalp. Spread the coffee mixture throughout your hair with a comb. Avoid dyeing your scalp when applying the dye. You can apply the mixture in front of your bathroom mirror to see everything you’re doing. Also, ensure your hair is clean and dampened before applying the dye.

Step 6- Allow the mixture to soak in your hair for about an hour. You can pin your hair with a bun to prevent it from touching your face during the waiting time. However, avoid leaving it longer as the conditioner will start drying and hardening.

Step 7- Rinse your hair with cold, plain water to remove the mixture. Don’t add any shampoo while rinsing.

Step 8- You can repeat this process a few times until you get the desired results.

However, it’s worth noting that the process of dyeing your hair with coffee can be messy. Thus, follow the above steps keenly to avoid making a huge mess out of your coffee hair dye. Regardless, it’s an easy process and you’ll have fun changing the look of your hair.

Also, coffee dye is a temporary solution. Thus, it won’t color your hair permanently. Thus, you can easily experiment with dark colors until you achieve your preferred shade and hue.

Although your hair may smell like coffee for a couple of days, if you’re a coffee lover, you won’t mind the smell. To make it more manageable, make a brew that has a smell you like.

You can make the coffee dye last longer by washing your hair sparingly. Only use cold water to wash your hair. Washing it with hot water and shampoo may remove the dye sooner.


Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair With Coffee?

Since coffee dye is made out of natural ingredients, it won’t damage your hair or cause any side effects. Also, it’s non-permanent and gentle on the hair and scalp.

Thus, it’s very safe to apply to your hair. However, it’s worth noting that if your hair is red or lightly colored, applying coffee dye may darken it.


Final Thoughts

Applying coffee dye to your hair can give it the color you want. It’ll dye any grey hair and darken your hair, especially when using darker coffee roasts. Unlike chemical dyes, coffee hair dye won’t last very long. Regardless, it’s easy to apply and safe for use on your hair. Besides, you can easily make coffee hair dye at home.


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