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How Do You Descale A Pod Coffee Machine?

As a serious coffee lover, you understand the importance of keeping your coffee maker clean and descaled for optimal performance. From daily use of making delicious cups of joe to late night cravings – having a well taken care off machine is essential for maximum flavor! Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time out to wash their machines as much as they should. It’s easy enough though – just give your removable pieces (especially those coffee pots) an occasional scrub down and you’re good to go!

descale coffee pod machine

Descaling is also important in order to keep your pod machine running smoothly. Basically it’s where minerals like calcium and magnesium build up over time on all parts that come into contact with water; this can lead to poor functioning so removing these accumulations are necessary when cleaning your machine regularly. In regions with ‘hard’ water, mineral concentrations tend be higher which means even more frequent descaling sessions may be required!

If you want full enjoyment from each cup of Joe, then make sure you properly maintain your coffee pods maker by washing thoroughly once a month or at least after every few uses – it won’t take long but trust me when I say it makes all the difference in taste quality between drab regular java and extraordinary espresso shots worth bragging about! So the question is: how do you descale a pod coffee machine? Let’s find out.


Why Descaling is Important:

Mineral build up can have a drastic effect on your coffee pod machine, and it’s time to face the music – if you don’t descale regularly, then you’re not getting all that delectable caffeine-fueled flavor from your morning cup of joe.

Not only does mineral buildup inhibit the machine’s ability to heat water at optimal temperatures for extracting maximum taste potential, but it can also clog crucial components which restricts the amount of water flowing through.

This has an adverse impact on both flavour extraction and overall strength – in other words: get ready for some lukewarm flat whites. Don’t let this happen with your coffee pod machine – keep it descaled so it can stay primed and pumping full-flavored espressos every single time.


How to Descale Your Coffee Pod Machine:

Good news, coffee pod machines are the easiest to descale of all the types of java makers out there. To keep your caffeine fix up and running, here’s a simple rundown on how you can do it in five steps!


Step 1: Get Your Cleaning Solution Ready: 

You have two choices for making sure your machine is spotless – either buy an off-the-shelf solution or mix some distilled vinegar with water at a 1:1 ratio. Both options get the job done equally well!


Step 2: Prep The Machine for Descaling:

Remove any old pods from your machine and take out its detachable drip tray (where you put your mug). In place of that, fill a small bowl so it can catch any liquid while this process takes place.


Step 3: Pump the Descaler Through the Coffee Pod Machine:

Pour the descaling solution into its reservoir and run it through (this is where “descale mode” comes in handy; if not available just select “brew” until empty). This will ensure that everything inside gets thoroughly cleaned up!


Step 4 [Optional]: Repeat Process Once More:

If possible give one more go around using whatever was collected by the bowl before moving on to step 5. No harm in double checking things!


 Step 5: Rinse Out Coffee Maker:

Finally pour what’s left over into a sink as a final rinse. Then fill up the water reservoir with fresh H2O and run it through the machine to get rid of any remaining traces of descaling solution.

To be extra sure, repeat this process a second time. Make sure to give your coffee-maker an intensive cleanse for optimal performance – like you do for yourself after a long day at work! – Voila clean as new again & ready for next cup of joe!


Final Words

If you’re noticing that your coffee’s flavour has become more and more dull, it could be time to descale your pod machine. Don’t let the ads fool you into buying expensive solutions – a DIY approach is just as good (if not better!).



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