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Can You Put Milk in a Coffee Maker to Make Hot Chocolate?

A cup of hot cocoa is a favorite choice for many, especially during colder months, oftentimes surpassing the popularity of its bitter counterpart, coffee. As such, have you ever considered preparing hot chocolate with the assistance of a humble coffeemaker?

hot chocolate coffee maker milk

Certainly! And more impressively still: it’s incredibly simple to do this. But can you put milk in a coffee maker to make hot chocolate? However, before we delve into interrogating whether adding milk directly to your coffee machine is appropriate for brewing hot cocoa, let’s explore how exactly one can utilize their coffeemaker to make homemade chocolate.


How to Make Hot Chocolate in Your Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are widely considered one of the most convenient appliances for home brewing – and this extends beyond just java! Using your coffee machine to create rich and creamy cups of hot chocolate takes only minutes- especially when compared to other methods like simmering chocolate on a stovetop. Busy workers or students will appreciate having an easily-accessible option for enjoying their favorite winter beverage from home efficiently.

If you prepare hot chocolate in a pot or saucepan, you need to stay in the kitchen and monitor it constantly. Furthermore, if you crave a cup of hot chocolate while at work, you may not have access to a stove, leaving you with no alternative but to use a coffee maker. With a coffee maker, you can simplify the entire process and get a fantastic cup of hot cocoa in just a few minutes.


How to Make Hot Chocolate with a Drip Coffee Maker

Apart from its primary function, a drip coffee machine is a fantastic appliance for making hot chocolate. Here’s how to prepare hot chocolate with your drip coffee maker:

  1. Determine how many cups of hot chocolate you want and fill the water tank accordingly.
  2. Pour the hot chocolate mix into the coffee carafe. For a richer flavor, add more chocolate mix. The recommended ratio is one sachet of hot chocolate mix per cup of water.
  • Start a brewing cycle without adding coffee grounds to the filter basket.
  • Once the cycle is complete, give the mixture a good stir and savor your delicious hot chocolate! To prevent any damage to the glass carafe, it is advisable to stir with a wooden or plastic spoon instead of a metal one.


How to Make Hot Chocolate with Your Espresso Machine

Espresso machine owners may not have considered making hot chocolate with their machines, but it’s definitely doable! In addition to brewing espresso, there are two ways to prepare hot chocolate with an espresso machine.

It’s important to note that making hot chocolate with an espresso machine is different from making coffee. Adding chocolate powder directly into the group head can lead to clogging, so avoid doing that.

Espresso machines that come with a steam wand are advantageous because you can froth hot milk and pour it over the chocolate powder. This method is ideal for those who prefer hot chocolate with milk.

For espresso machines without a steaming wand, heating milk may not be possible, but you can still use the machine to heat water for your hot chocolate.

To prepare hot chocolate using an espresso machine, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the espresso machine with water.
  2. Put in place an empty portafilter.
  3. Add chocolate powder to a mug. Then place it under the spout.
  4. Run a full brewing cycle.
  5. After the water finishes running, stir the mixture with a spoon to dissolve any lumps.

If you prefer your hot chocolate with milk, you can heat it on your stove or in the microwave, and then pour it over the diluted chocolate mix.


How to Prepare Hot Chocolate with a French Press

Do you happen to own a French press in your household? If so, there’s some fantastic news for you: you can utilize it to create a flavorsome cup of hot chocolate in a matter of minutes! Although you could opt for a pre-made chocolate mix or cocoa powder, the most optimal way to whip it up is by using genuine dark chocolate. Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe for making hot chocolate with a French press:


i. Take four tablespoons of dark chocolate and chop it into small pieces, or grate it using a hand grater.

ii. Place the chocolate bits into your French press.

iii. Warm up about two cups of milk on the stove until it’s almost boiling.

iv. Pour the milk into the French press. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.

v. Vigorously move the plunger up and down for approximately a minute to froth the milk.

vi. Serve and enjoy the delightful taste!


This particular recipe excludes sugar, apart from what’s already in the dark chocolate, which will result in a not-too-sweet chocolate drink. However, for those with a sweet tooth, you have the option to add your preferred sweetener or marshmallows to your liking.


Can You Put Milk in a Coffee Maker to Make Hot Chocolate?

If you’re a fan of hot chocolate with milk, you might have contemplated pouring milk into your coffee maker’s water reservoir. However, this is a disastrous idea for many reasons. Firstly, coffee machines typically heat water to temperatures between 190-200°F (88-94°C), which is far too hot for milk. Milk contains proteins and fats that undergo a chemical change when heated to temperatures exceeding 158°F (70°C). Running milk through your coffee machine’s heating mechanism will burn the milk and result in a bitter and unpleasant taste.

Experimenting with your coffee maker can lead to more than just a ruined cup of hot chocolate. Running a brewing cycle with milk can cause milk proteins to clog the machine’s tubes and attract bacteria, resulting in a foul odor or even machine failure. Therefore, it is advised to refrain from pouring milk into your Keurig, Moka Pot, or any other coffee maker.

Instead, if you prefer adding milk to your hot chocolate, consider using a milk frother or heating the milk on the stove. This will not only save you from the hassle of dealing with a malfunctioning coffee machine but also ensure a tasty cup of hot chocolate.