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How to Clean a Black Decker Coffee Maker?

Whether you prefer taking a single cup of coffee or several cups of a strong brew daily, a Black and Decker coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers to own. It is designed to make a tasty cup of coffee with ease. Unfortunately, it can become clogged over time with hard water deposits and oily residue. Coffee oils, calcium and mineral deposits, or limescale from hard water may build up over time.

Black and Decker coffee maker

Although such buildup is nontoxic, it may affect the functioning of your coffee maker. Also, the limescale buildup can affect how your brew tastes. In this article, we will show you how to clean a Black Decker coffee maker. We have outlined simple step-by-step instructions to ensure your coffee maker gets back into its best shape.


Why Cleaning Your Black Decker Coffee Maker matters

There are a couple of reasons why you need to clean the water reservoir and coffee pot of your Black Decker regularly. Most importantly, the minerals and calcium deposits from unfiltered water and the buildup of natural coffee oils affect the taste of every cup of coffee you make.

If you leave coffee oils and hard water deposits on the interior walls of the pot, water reservoir, and interior tubing, the functioning of the coffee maker may be affected. It will fail to work as expected. An inefficient coffee maker means that you will not get it to brew coffee exactly how you want it. Avoid such struggles by cleaning and maintaining your Black and Decker coffee regularly.

Use the Self-Cleaning Option

Some Black and Decker coffee makers come with a self-cleaning functionality. With this functionality, the coffee maker cleans itself by simply activating the Auto Clean functionality. The self-cleaning mechanism removes calcium buildup from the interior of the unit.

There is a little clean light that lights up whenever hard water deposits or oily residue are building up in the interior. If the buildup is extreme, the light will flash constantly to alert you that it is time to clean the coffee maker. Essentially, the light is designed to turn on after every 60 brewing cycles.

Here is how to clean a Blacker Decker coffee maker using the Auto Clean function:

Step 1– Add white vinegar into the water reservoir until half full.

Step 2– Fill the remaining half of the water reservoir with cold water.

Step 3– Insert a paper filter into the filter basket. Close the lid. Then place the empty carafe over the carafe plate.

Step 4– Press the AUTO button without releasing it for 5 seconds to activate the Auto Clean functionality. Once activated, the unit will indicate a “CL” icon.

Step 5– Allow the unit to clean automatically for about 60 minutes. The “CL” icon will stop lighting up once the Auto Clean cycle completes.

Step 6– Pour out the contents of the carafe.

Step 7– Run two full brewing cycles with plain water to rinse it thoroughly.

Step 8– Clean all removable pieces of the coffee maker. Rinse and dry them before assembling them back in place.

In case you complete a cleaning cycle but the clean light fails to turn off, consider repeating the entire cleaning process. The light will go off once you clean the coffee maker thoroughly.


How to Clean a Black and Decker Coffee Maker without Auto Clean

Some Black and Decker coffee makers do not have an Auto Clean button. Fortunately, you can still clean the coffee maker despite lacking a self-cleaning functionality. You only need to run it with water and white vinegar solution to clean it. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1– First, unplug your coffee maker from the socket.

Step 2– Remove any ground coffee from the filter basket.

Step 3– Add water into the carafe until the level reaches the MAX line. Add white vinegar to the carafe up to the 1 CUP marking. If your coffee maker is larger, add more vinegar and water accordingly.

Step 4– Swirl the carafe to mix the vinegar and water. Place the carafe on the base.

Step 5– Plug in the coffee maker and turn it on.

Step 6– Allow the water and vinegar solution to run through a complete brewing cycle. Turn it off and remove the cable from the power outlet.

Step 7– Pour out the solution and rinse the carafe thoroughly with hot water.

Step 8– Wash the exterior surface of the carafe with a cleaning cloth or sponge. Then dry it off.

Step 9– Repeat the cleaning process as needed.



By learning how to clean a Black Decker coffee maker, you will keep it running smoothly and make tasty brews all the time. Preferably, clean it monthly to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits. You only need white vinegar and water to get it clean. Besides, whether your Black and Decker coffee maker has an Auto Clean function or not, it is easy to clean it.


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