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Is It Normal for Coffee to Calm You Down?

Coffee has been a beloved staple of many people around the world for generations, providing energy and focus to get them through their day. But lately, its reputation has gone up in smoke with accusations that it causes anxiety and insomnia—along with other health conditions like heart disease.

coffee calm down

But now science is backing coffee’s calming properties instead! Studies have suggested that your morning cup can soothe the mind from racing thoughts and worries, helping us relax despite an increasingly chaotic world.

Whether you’re dealing with stress or just feeling overwhelmed by life in general, take a break from all of it – grab yourself a hot cup of joe (or cold brew if you prefer!) and give your anxieties the ultimate chill pill! But is it normal for coffee to calm you down?

It’s time to learn how to kick back without compromising our goals or wellbeing. Between deep breaths (and sips!), we can find peace in knowing that something as simple as coffee can help us cool down during those moments when everything feels too overwhelming. So don’t be afraid to reach out for help – even if it comes in liquid form!


What Is on Your Mind?

We often use the words stress, worry, and anxiety interchangeably, but they do have some subtle differences. Being aware of what you feel is a crucial first step in managing it all better.

The Cleveland Clinic describes stress as your body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response – like having to meet a tight deadline. Worry and anxiety can start from this type of stressful situation.

But how do you know if it’s worry or anxiousness? An article on Psychology Today tries to make sense out of the confusion: Worrying is more mental while anxiety manifests itself physically all over your body – for example, when you’re worried about something small making your partner angry versus being anxious that one argument could ruin your entire relationship altogether!

Generally speaking, though not always true; our worries are usually temporary. So once we address their cause, they tend to go away whereas anxieties may stay around longer depending on its duration and intensity – with some cases even qualifying as full-on disorders in need of professional help.


Worry Not, Have Coffee

For the coffee lover experiencing anxiety, caffeine might seem like a strange ally. But science indicates that it could actually help you stay chill in times of stress. A 2015 study conducted on two groups of mice found that those who were given caffeinated water had better coping skills when exposed to stressful situations than the group without any caffeine in their H2O. While more trials need to be done for us humans, this is promising news for java junkies everywhere!

Additionally, drinking coffee has been linked with lower risk of depression and increased dopamine release – your body’s natural reward system – which can make you feel relaxed during hectic days (not to mention all the fun vibes from going out and having a cup at your favorite café). So while it may not be an instant fix-all solution for anxiousness or distressful moments, incorporating some quality joe into your daily routine could prove beneficial over time.


Coffee Boosts Productivity

Caffeinated coffee is a popular choice for those looking to give their performance a boost. Whether you’re feeling tired and need an extra energy kick, or just want to increase your productivity, coffee has become the go-to solution for many of us. And when we accomplish our tasks, dopamine rushes through our brain like Beyoncé rushing on stage at her Coachella performance – rewarding us with that feel-good sensation!

Stress can often come hand in hand with chores and tasks we have to complete. However, once they’ve been checked off the list it all melts away leaving nothing but relief in its wake. So why not capitalize on this natural reward system by making that cup of joe part of your daily routine?


Final Thoughts

Coffee can have significantly different effects on people. If you’re someone who drinks it daily, it may actually help to relax and soothe instead of making you feel jittery or anxious. But if caffeine is causing a bit too much stress for your liking, try decaf coffee or reducing the amount that you drink each day. To make sure that energy crash doesn’t hit midday, opt for a cup earlier in the morning and spread out your intake throughout the day – don’t just chug an entire pot all at once!