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Does Hazelnut Coffee Have Carbs?

While some coffee lovers prefer plain black coffee, others love their coffee with an extra touch of flavor. Flavored coffee is a favorite among many people. One of the most popular flavored coffee is hazelnut coffee.

hazelnut coffee

Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate the nutritional value of flavored coffee. For instance, does hazelnut coffee have carbs? In this article, we will discuss the nutritional value of hazelnut coffee and the amount of carbs it contains. Also, we will discuss whether it is worth drinking hazelnut coffee.


Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Hazelnut Coffee

Coffee boasts of being one of the most consumed beverages globally. Millions of people around the world consume coffee daily. For some people, their day cannot start well unless they drink a cup of coffee. For some, hazelnut coffee works better.

Besides hazelnut coffee being delicious, bold, and nutty, it is a healthy drink. Whether you drink it cold or hot, it is packed with numerous nutritional benefits. One of its main benefits is that it helps reduce joint pain and strengthen the bones. Hazelnut is packed with a lot of manganese, which is an essential mineral than strengthens bones and reduces joint pain.

Hazelnut also contains plant compounds that reduce the risk of blood clotting and contracting UTIs. Also, hazelnut coffee helps in losing weight. Research shows that hazelnuts contain protein. In the research, drinking two cups of hazelnut-flavored coffee can keep you feeling full for a longer period. Thus, it will help you reduce unnecessary overeating and snacking.

Another benefit of hazelnut coffee is that it helps control blood cholesterol levels. Also, it improves oxygen and blood levels, thanks to its omega-9 fatty acids and magnesium. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. For instance, it contains Vitamins A, C, and E that delay the aging process of the skin by fighting wrinkles and fine lines. Also, Vitamin E moisturizes and hydrates the skin to make it soft, smooth, and glow.


Do Coffee Beans Have Carbs?

Before we discuss the amount of carbs in hazelnut coffee, it will help to discuss the carb content of regular coffee beans. Essentially, carbs are a form of nutrients that give the body the energy it needs. Carbs include starches, sugars, lignin, and cellulose.

Carbs are found in various amounts in all plant foods. It is worth noting that coffee beans are seeds obtained from the fruits of coffee plants. Coffee beans also contain carbs like most plant foods. They also contain fats, oil, and proteins.

A 50 g service of coffee beans contains 31 g carbs, 13 g fat, and 4 g protein. The carbs comprise 3 g dietary fiber and 26 g sugar. The rest of the carbs are complex carbs. However, brewed coffee contains a very negligible amount of carbs.


Does Hazelnut Coffee Have Carbs?

Plain hazelnut coffee does not contain any significant amount of carbs. However, adding extra additives may introduce carbs into the coffee. Here is the carb content of various hazelnut coffees:

  • International hazelnut coffee – 12 g carbs per cup
  • White hazelnut coffee- 0 g carbs
  • Super hazelnut coffee- 1 g carbs per 3 tbsp
  • Mate hazelnut coffee creamer- 5 g carbs per 1 tbsp
  • Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee- 0 g carbs
  • Folgers hazelnut coffee- 0 g carbs
  • Green Mountain hazelnut coffee- 0 g carbs


Does Hazelnut Coffee Have Calories?

Hazelnut coffee offers a great way of drinking flavorful coffee without consuming excessive calories. Here is the calorie content of various hazelnut coffees:

  • International hazelnut coffee – 70 calories per cup
  • White hazelnut coffee- 2 calories per 8 fl oz
  • Super hazelnut coffee- 5 calories per 3 tbsp
  • Mate hazelnut coffee creamer- 35 calories per 1 tbsp
  • Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee- 10 calories per fl oz
  • Folgers hazelnut coffee- 1 calorie per 8 fl oz
  • Green Mountain hazelnut coffee- 0 calories


Is Hazelnut Coffee Good for a Keto Diet?

The kind of additives you put in your coffee determines whether it is safe for a keto diet. Generally, hazelnut coffee is good for a ketogenic diet. However, you should not add any sugar. If you must add a sweetener, use keto-friendly sweeteners such as stevia.


Is Hazelnut Coffee Bad for you?

There is a misconception that flavored coffee, such as hazelnut coffee, is not good for your health. However, that is not true. Hazelnut coffee is safe for consumption. It is a healthier alternative for sweetening coffee than adding syrups or sugars.


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