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Coffee & Health

Does Coffee Cause Heartburn?

All of us have acid reflux on some level.

Have you ever felt a burn in your chest after having a spicy meal? Some people might feel burning pain in the whole area of the torso.

coffee and heartburn

People who have serious acid reflux can’t tell exactly which part of the body is paining or making them feel discomfort. If you also have some symptoms and you too start your morning with a hot cup of brew this might be the reason for high acid levels in your body.

Even if you feel heartburn the reason behind that can be also a cup of coffee.


Acid in Coffee

Coffee naturally has acids in it. The acids that beans contain gives them the strong and tangy flavor which everyone loves about this beverage.

There are many antioxidants in acids that coffee contains which help your body in many ways. This is how this drink comes under one of the healthiest beverages.

But this acid cannot be handled by everyone. So, after a cup of brew, they might feel a burning sensation. A weird unpleasant liquid comes from your stomach through your esophagus till the back of your throat.


Ways You Can Avoid Acid Reflux

Some brands are changing their methods of coffee making to reduce the amounts of acids without losing their original flavor. Roasting slowly or stopping the roasting process in middle can help to reduce the acidic levels. Removing the outer layer of the bean, which is kind of waxy, before roasting them can also help in the reduction of acids. So, the output is just as it is desired and is much safer for the consumers. But this process can lead to the loss of that coffee smell that we all love to inhale while sipping our drink. It is not completely lost but it’s not what most people are looking for.


Dark Roasted Grounds

If you do not like the idea of removing the outer layer of the bean to reduce acidic levels then you can change to dark roasted beans which have a low amount of acid.

But many would not choose this as they are light and medium roasted lovers.


Low Altitude

Roasting at a lower altitude forms less acid than the beans roasted on higher altitudes like mountains.

So, researching where the coffee was can take you to naturally low acidic coffee which won’t kill your sleep with burning.


Acid Reduction

There is a way for you to tone down the acidic levels by using a chemical reaction. And this can be achieved without messing with the flavor of the coffee.

This can be done using a coffee tamer, it can reduce acids by up to 90 percent which will keep you safe from acid reflux. Not only does it only stop the burning bonfire in your chest but also will keep your stomach from getting upset.

People suffering from this issue find these acid tamers very helpful, even if they are enjoying them on the way to their work.


Cold Brewing

cold brew low acidity

You might have noticed how cold-brewed coffee is getting more and more popular among beverage lovers.

With less bitter taste and more rounded beans, the drink is best for people suffering from acid reflux or any other problem relating to digestion.

Cold coffee can reduce the acids from forming because it uses cold water to enhance and give flavor to the drink instead of hot water.

So, this stops the beans to produce acids up to 70%, this is a really good option for coffee lovers to keep enjoying without worrying about anything.

To have the best experience with the cold brew you need to just make it with your own hands. The work gets a lot easier by using a French press machine, it makes the drink quicker.

To make a good cold brew just use any container or jar with a fine filter. Add one/third cup of your grounds in the container, Add at least four cups of cold water into the cup. Put this in your refrigerator for a night (12 hours).

Give it time to rest, the more it sits the more intense taste it will produce. To avoid any small grounds or slits, add some coarse coffee grounds and put some cold water in them.

So, after 12 hours or so serve yourself that coffee in a cup to enjoy. If you don’t like to catch those little ground in your mouth, you can restrain using any general coffee filter.


Egg Shells

It seems weird to use eggshells. But it works fine to reduce the acids. It all depends upon the chemistry which helps in this method.

Alkaline is present in eggshells, which helps to reduce any type of acidic level, even from the beans you use. Eggshells also help to tone down the bitter taste from your drink which might come from different brewing methods or from the roasting process.

Take 1-2 eggshells, make sure to clean them with water so no egg residue is remaining. Now, crush the shells in small pieces into a bowl.

Putt the shells in your coffee machine. (If you have a French press, Moka pot, percolator, or anything which works the same, add the shells into the chamber with grounds)

If you have an automatic machine, put the eggshells in the basket with your coffee grounds. Do everything as you do every time, you’ll experience the taste cleaner and won’t suffer from burning.


A Pinch of Salt

Usually, people put a pinch of salt in the coffee before making or after brewing it in the cup. This is done to get a smoother taste or to lower the bitterness from the drink. But you can do this to reduce the acids too.

It works like a charm if you have no other way, just put a little pinch of salt. If you want perfect measurements of the salt, you can use 1/16 of a tablespoon or climb up to 1/8th tablespoon. Do not add more to avoid savor taste.

Dark roasted works best with salt to fight against acids.



To really understand which components from the Brand, blending, or roasting process works the best, without losing any flavor and reducing the acid level to avoid acid reflux.

Have your friends over at your house and start a coffee session and taste samples of coffee to understand which suits you the most without making you go through any problems. After you have found your type of brew, just sit back with your friends and enjoy your brew.