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What Acid is in Coffee?

There is always a little bit of acid in the coffee you purchase online or from a local store. But, the acids are not that bad.

The refreshing flavors that coffee offers you come from those acids, so the acids are kind of a necessary component in the brew. So, how much and what type of acid is used in coffee gives the brew its rich quality and strong flavor.

acid in coffee

Coffee professionals have some thoughts on the facts on the acid in the cup of brew.


Acid Types Found in Coffee


Chlorogenic Acid- This is the main acid found in your coffee. The tasty and fruity taste you get in the drink comes from this acid when roasted beans lightly. And when the beans are roasted darkly the taste becomes savorier and rich. The acid is eliminated in the dark roast.


Quinic Acid- This acid is mostly in dark roasted beans or coffee which has been left out for a long time. This acid gives pleasure to dark coffee lovers as it gives the drink a dark taste. Keep in mind this acid is also responsible for stomach problems.


Citric Acid- The most common acid found is citric acid in coffee. Just like the name it gives a fruity taste and is used by many brands and roasted grounds. This acid can be found in beans produced on high altitudes like mountains for example Arabica beans.


Malic Acid- Pitted fruits like plumps, dates, and peaches have this kind of acid. But also many coffees have Malic acid in them, which gives a taste like an apple or pears.


Phosphoric Acid- Most acids we listed have a strong tangy taste or are bitter. But this acid holds a sweeter feel. If your early cup of coffee taste resembles of mango or grape it could be because of Phosphoric acid.


Acetic Acid- This type can be found mostly in vinegar. Consuming this in low numbers can give you a pleasant experience, but in large numbers, it can create a strong and sharp taste. If your coffee tastes a little weird or has a vinegar taste it means it might not have been processed correctly. It is better to avoid this coffee.


How to Avoid Acidic Coffee

You can change the way of drinking by adopting cold coffee which is lightly roasted. Increasing brewing time could help too, you can use a machine like the French press. This will keep you safe and will give you the same flavors that you love.