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Why Millennials Crave Cold Coffee?

Coffee is such a craft beverage that its manipulation can suit one’s taste and personality without losing its originality. The type of coffee you desire may be unimpressive to another person; it all depends on choice.

millenials cold coffee

People enjoy their coffee in different ways. While some people would go any length to have a hot cup of this beverage daily, others won’t go near it with a six feet pole; what they love is a cold coffee. Millennials are confirmed to prefer cold to hot coffee. Why?

This article shall explain the reasons behind this attitude and all other needs needed to know about millennials and coffee.


Cold Coffee

Cold coffee, also known as iced coffee, is a type of coffee that is served cold. Even though what comes to a lot of people’s minds when they hear the coffee is “hot and steamy”, people still enjoy their cold coffee.

Cold coffee can be prepared by brewing the coffee cold or by bearing the coffee properly and adding ice or cold milk.

Iced coffee can be sweetened with pre-dissolved sugar in the water, while hot brewing can accept flavouring and sweeteners before colouring because they dissolve in it faster.


Benefits of Taking Cold Coffee

Less Acidity

Cold coffee tends to be less acidic than hot coffee. The low acidity in cold brew helps keep the body’s pH level balanced, unlike hot coffee, which can implicate those with stomach issues such as heartburn, ulcers or indigestion.


High water temperature makes coffee secrete more flavour and bitterness. So, a hot cup of coffee is often bitter, unlike cold brewed coffee or cold coffee, where you need little to no additives in your coffee because it is naturally less painful.

This is a fantastic feat for reducing calorie or sugar intake.

Better for Weight Loss

The lower the temperature of your coffee, the less bitter it is. If you are trying to shed some weight through coffee drinking, cold coffee is your best option. It requires little to no additives such as sugar and creamer that can contribute more to weight gain than weight loss.

Easy to Make

Although the process of making iced coffee may seem longer than the steps in making hot coffee, it is a straightforward one to follow. Also, Unlike hot brewed coffee that gets stale after a short period, a cold brew or a cup of cold coffee can stay in the fridge for about two weeks without changing taste or quality.

Higher Amount of Caffeine

Coffee is one of the best ways you can get your daily dose of caffeine. How wonderful is it to know that a cold coffee still contains more caffeine than regular hot coffee?

Improves Mood

The caffeine in coffee improves mood and overall well-being, reducing the risk of depression. A cold cup of coffee or a cold brew coffee contains more caffeine. By implication, cold coffee enhances your mood and general mental well-being more.

How to Make Cold Coffee

  • Start by removing freezer glasses from your refrigerator and drizzle some chocolate syrup on the sides.
  • Mix your coffee, warm milk and sugar together.
  • Add your cold milk and ice cubes to a blender, then blend for about a minute.
  • Pour your mixture into the mug you drizzled with chocolate syrup earlier.
  • Add foam on top and more coffee powder for effects!
  • Your cold delicious mug or cup of coffee is ready to drink.

How to Make Cold Coffee With Instant Coffee

There are often instructions on all instant coffee packs, but you can try the following easy steps;

  • Dissolve the content into boiling water (usually a 2:1 coffee to water ratio).
  • Allow the coffee to cool down to room temperature, or put it in the refrigerator to fasten up the process.
  • Serve your coffee with ice and enjoy your cold cup of coffee.


Why Millennials Crave Cold Coffee

Millennials drink more cold coffee than their older counterparts. The reasons for this situation are;

  • Convenience

Day by day, Young consumers such as the millennials want to consume on the go because they have less patience and time to spare. Ordering a takeaway nitro cold brew on the go is very convenient for them, and they will choose this option over any other one that is a bit stressful(e.g. having to wait to brew a hot cup of coffee).

  • Trend

Coffee has become more of a lifestyle for millennials; it is an experience. They are even willing to pay more to get a cup of iced coffee they can take virtually anywhere and any time of the day, unlike hot coffee, which may be time-bound.

  • Environmental Reasons

Millennials are more aware of sustainable goals than before. Cold coffee packaging helps generate fewer carbon emissions and material wastes through the reduction of transportation and packaging needed to store and serve drinks.



Is Cold Brew Coffee Stronger Than Regular?

A cold brew coffee caffeine concentrate is higher than a hot brew coffee. We can refer to this as coffee strength. So, yes, a cold brew is more potent than a regular coffee. It is also sweeter than a traditional brew.

Is Cold Brew Just Cold Coffee?

Cold brew has less acidity and is sweeter than brewed iced coffee, so it is different. Cold brew also contains more caffeine than iced coffee because its procedure is without heat.

Is Iced Coffee a Trend?

Iced coffee is among the 2022 top 10 trends. The National Coffee Association confirms that the consumption of coffee keeps shooting up day by day. So, it is safe to say it is a trend that doesn’t seem like backing down anytime soon, with 20% of Americans drinking iced coffee at least once a week.


Final Words

Cold coffee is an enjoyable alternative way people enjoy their coffee, especially the millennials. As much as these people have their reasons for switching their coffee game up, it also has a myriad of health benefits everyone should seek.


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