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Why Does My Coffee Taste Burnt?

It’s obvious, that no one wants to taste burnt coffee early in the morning, but yeah it sometimes happens. Maybe even if your coffee machine is superb. What is the solution though? Let’s see what we can do.

people realising they just had burnt coffee.

Where to Pay Attention?

So, the first thing to do in this situation is to check if your coffee is burnt or not, is it bitter instead of burnt? There are some other ways to fix this bitterness.

Okay, so to check if your coffee is burnt, try to notice how it is pouring. If it is pouring slowly for 45 seconds and your cup is not even half full then it might be burnt. Another thing to look for is espresso itself could be black or dark. After brewing if you check your basket and you have a sloppy and saggy puck then it is another sign of burnt coffee.



The major reason for burnt coffee and espresso is that they could be literally getting burned. It is possible to happen in the roasting process when you were trying to get a dark roast but went too far and it got burned.

Another reason for the burning taste in your coffee might be because of excessive extraction. The reason might be because hot water is swirling through your grinds much slower than usual and ultimately cooks up the portafilter and grinds, which end in your mouth giving you a burnt bad taste.

Also, make sure your coffee grind is not too fine, and do not overfill your coffee basket by tamping it too harshly. Check to see if your milk is not burning, because if milk gets burnt it could make coffee thin in texture and sweet to taste.



To fix this burning issue from your coffee, make sure you have a good quality bean, mainly if you are going with dark roasted coffee. Check whether or not your grinds are grounded properly. Keep your grinder for coarser to avoid grinding. This helps to seep evenly through the grounds, it will reduce resistance. Plus it avoids overcooking.

Quick reminder! Don’t overfill the basket to avoid tamping, if coffee is okay check your milk.


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