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Why Coffee Dates Are A Bad Idea?

A coffee date is an intimate meeting between two people that happens over coffee.

People who go on coffee dates are usually interested in pursuing a romantic relationship.

It always seems like a casual place where you can get to know each other.

Going for coffee is a simple affair. It happens in interesting small cafes where you are surrounded by many people.

They are the safest first dates you can go to. Generally speaking, most people feel safer in cafes than in restaurants during a first date.

So why do people say coffee dates are a bad idea. Here are some possible reasons.

a young couple on a coffee date


    1. Coffee Shops Are Too Crowded

While coffee shops are a cozy place to enjoy a date, they are sometimes too busy.

People always walk in and out, get a coffee order, or drink their coffee fast.

That’s hardly a good environment to have a conversation. Waiters are always hanging around waiting for you to free a table.

People frequently pass by your table and disturb you and your date.

The best you can do is have a quick cake or coffee, and that’s not what you want to do when out with your partner on a date.


   2. Coffee Dates Are Too Short

Taking a cake or coffee is a quick affair. You never have the chance to relax and get to know one another with your date.

Coffee is better for people who want to finish some brisk business.

That’s why you always find business people, students, and office workers in coffee shops.

When you compare that to a restaurant environment where you can take a three or five-course meal and enjoy each other’s company for hours, you can see that coffee shops are not the best places to go for a date.


    3. Coffee Dates Are Not Romantic

Although a coffee shop looks like an exciting place when you are buying coffee, most of them are not romantic places.

The things that contribute to a romantic setting are always missing. You don’t have soothing music, the decor is always a bit serious, and so are the people.

Most of them are usually on their laptops or phones. You almost feel like joining them while on a date.

That’s far from what you need when getting to know someone with whom you are interested in pursuing a relationship.


    4. Not Everyone Can Take Coffee

While many people love coffee for its caffeine content, not everyone loves it. Other people can’t take it due to health reasons.

The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant. It makes some people jittery while triggering heart palpitation in people with high blood pressure. Coffee can also cause stomach upsets when taken on an empty stomach.

Taking someone with caffeine sensitivity issues on a coffee date is a waste of time because they won’t enjoy themselves. Both people on a date should enjoy themselves.

It would be best if you also remembered that coffee is a diuretic. Taking one or two cups may send you to the toilet more times than you would like. That’s not the ideal way to spend your time while on a date.

While you may argue that some coffee shops serve herbal teas and juices, most of them are focused on coffee beverages.

Therefore, you may end up on a date with someone at a coffee shop where you just stare at coffee beverages around you that are not to your liking. That may end up being one of your worst dates.


    5. People Have No Time For Coffee Dates

These days people are busy with family and work commitments. Few people seem to have time to go to a cafe and have coffee, even with someone they admire.

That’s why we are always socializing on our phones. Lasting romances are birthed through social networks such as Facebook. With such options available, a coffee date seems like a boring place to go with someone.

Some people also feel coffee dates are unsafe in these days of COVID – 19, when we should keep our distance to avoid infection. Such a person would not be open to coffee dates even when pursuing a personal relationship.

These five reasons may give you an understanding of why coffee dates are a bad idea. It’s important to note that dates are exciting. Most people want to go on them and have a good time. If you are one such person, here are some suggestions on how to organize a great date.


Where to Have the Best Coffee Dates


two cup full of coffee and two hands holding each other


You may decide to stick to coffee dates because you love them. And whether or not people feel coffee dates are a good idea, you will still pick them over any other option. If that’s your choice, the best thing to do is make your coffee dates better. Here are a few tips.

    1. Pick a Unique Cafe in a Secure Place

Your date could be a coffeeholic like you, in which case a coffee date is a great place to spend time together. You can discuss different types of coffees and try them together.

Think how interesting it would be to taste coffee made with different coffee beans. You could also sip on beverages such as espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, and macchiatos while discussing what makes them different. That would be a fun date!

Just make sure you pick the right cafe. Starbucks may be okay for a quick coffee run, but it’s not the best place to go for a coffee date. The noise made by baristas and customers, as well as their frequent comings and goings, will interfere with any conversation you have with your date.

Find an accessible and safe cafe where your date can be comfortable. Specialty cafes are a great choice because they serve unique beverages.


    2. Go to a Place with Food or Beverages That You Like

Just because coffee is a popular beverage doesn’t mean your date will like it.

If you want to enjoy your date, ask your partner what they like to eat and drink and take them to a place that serves those things.

Some people like herbal teas, while others enjoy juices. You and your partner may also appreciate beverages such as frappuccinos that are sweet and mildly caffeinated.

It’s essential to pick a setting where you can have a great conversation. That way, you can pay attention to your date and get to know them.

Remember to go to places that adhere to health regulations and insist on people following rules, such as getting vaccinated for COVID -19.

You may also benefit from putting your phone aside. Making eye contact with someone you are interested in and listening to them is the only way to make them feel appreciated on a date. It would help if you also complimented them on their appearance or character to make a lasting impression.


    3. Decide on an ideal time

Early mornings when coffee shops are busy or lunchtime when restaurants are packed are not the best times to have your date.

You should schedule a date during a quiet period when few people are walking around you. That’s the only way you can concentrate on each other and enjoy a date.

Weekends seem like casual days when everything around has slowed down. Those are the best days on which to have a date, while afternoons are usually the best times to have a date.

You can enjoy a pleasant walk, go to an exciting cafe and sip on coffee cocktails drinks or eat a good meal at a restaurant. You have all the time to be with each other without thinking of pending work or other commitments.



Now you know that coffee dates are not necessarily bad, are you ready to go on a fun one with someone you care about? We’ve given you a few tips to help you create the best date.

Try them and see how it goes. It may end up being one of many fun dates you have with your significant other.


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